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What fuels your passion?

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5 May 2020

I never liked taking the bus, and always prefer to take the train or to walk (if possible). No thanks to my motion sickness, bus journeys make me giddy or nauseous – in short, painful.

There are many things to dislike about taking the Internal Shuttle Buses (ISBs). Peak hour leaves you standing too close for comfort with a stranger. Some bus rides have been likened to F1 races with their abrupt halts and swerves.

Given the strained relationship the ISBs (or buses in general) and I have with each other, I was shocked to find out about the ISB Man and his love for buses. It is astounding to find out that someone is as passionate about buses as I am against them.

Meet Year 2 Business Analytics student, Ryan Ch’ng, or in this case, the ISB man. A bus enthusiast, Ryan runs his personal blog, Facebook page and Telegram channel – The ISB Man, posting about all things NUS ISB related to share with fellow students. From bus routes and timings to travel hacks, he has probably written something about it.

A few years back, his passion project (aka his ISB Man blog) had caught the attention of his senior from the University Scholars Programme. Ryan was offered the role of Deputy Welfare Secretary in the NUS Students’ Union 40th EXCO, a capacity which he could leverage on both his ISB expertise and enthusiasm to become the voice of students for ISB issues. The rest they say is history.  

Watch the video to find out what fuels the ISB Man’s passion.


PS: Although my view on buses remain largely unchanged, Ryan used his passion for buses to bring out positive changes in the NUS community has definitely been inspiring. Hopefully, his story will ignite a spark in you to find out what you are passionate about and incorporate that into your NUS life.


Writer: Low Jia Hui, Undergraduate, CNM
Editor/Producer: Elissa Chia