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Diversity and Inclusion  

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is dedicated to creating opportunities for students to increase appreciation and understanding for diverse cultures, traditions, and heritage. Through meaningful activities and programming, we believe that diversity enriches the learning and experiences of our students.

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Stories & Publications

Seeing the World
Seeing the world through the lenses of diversity
“Happiness”, “brave”, “excellence”, “wise” – those were the meanings behind names of some of the participants at the Introduction to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Workshop ice breaker activity. The half-day workshop organised by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) introduced a broad overview of diversity and how inclusion can be a small act.
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The Social Census resized
The Social Census
What are some of the ‘taboo topics’ you were too afraid to ask or respond? If someone were to ask you: “Would you marry someone from a different race?”, what would your honest answer be?
The question on interracial marriages is one of the many tough questions users can respond to on a new mobile application prototype, “The Social Census”.
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From Me To We
From Me to We Publication
From Me to We captures the unique and diverse experiences of the cultural and religious groups of the Community Engagement Network, giving readers a glimpse of the kind of opportunities NUS students have in the network: meaningful experiences, precious friendships and lasting impact found in serving one another.
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Food Trail
Food Trail
Explore cuisines of the world with us as we visit various parts of Singapore to try ethnic food and learn more about different cultures December 2021. Details will be out soon.

Dragon Kiln Workshop
Dragon Kiln Workshop
Come January 2022, get your hands dirty and join us at this dragon kiln workshop to learn more about the ancient art of pottery making and its impact on Singapore’s history and culture! Details will be out soon.