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Welcome Events

We have several Welcome Events lined up just for you. These events will help you familiarise yourself with NUS and its surroundings, including how locals live, work and play.

Don't Miss Out On These Events in July / August!

OSA Live Shows

live show ug
For Undergraduate Freshmen

Join us in our 1-hour live show to learn more about the various aspects of student life through real-life experiences from your seniors!

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live show ng
For Exchange Students

Get to know more about the Peer Advising Leaders as well as tips on how to make the most out of your time with NUS.

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live show pg
For Graduate Freshmen

Find out how to manage student life and how you can access resources that will be useful in your post-graduate journey.

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Other Welcome Events

SG Kaki Buddy Programme
iCARE SG Kaki Buddy


iCARE Welcome Fiesta
iCARE ZOOManji: Welcome Fiesta 


iCARE Singlish + Cooking Fiesta


day tour
iCARE SG Tours



NUS iCARE organises exciting events for local and international students to interact through cross cultural appreciation events and social activities. 

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