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Welcome Events

We have several Welcome Events lined up just for you. These events will help you familiarise yourself with NUS and its surroundings, including how locals live, work and play.

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OSA Live Shows

For International Undergraduate Freshmen & Exchange Students

For International Graduate Freshmen

Other Welcome Events

*Please note that the sign-up forms will close if there are no more slots left and after the programmes are over.

SG Kaki Buddy Programme
iCARE Week 2021

iCARE Week 2021 is an online welcome event that aims to facilitate cultural exchange by bonding international students with fellow locals through exciting games and activities. This 3-day event consists of various themes each day ranging from icebreakers, competitive games to an interactive virtual 'get-a-clue' mystery. Participants can look forward to fun-filled sessions where they can make new friends and memories, at the same time understanding more about Singapore and its cultures through these interactions and activities.

Day 1: 12 August 2021 (Thursday), 8-10pm
Day 2: 13 August 2021 (Friday), 8-10pm
Day 3: 14 August 2021 (Saturday), 1-4pm

*You are encouraged to join all 3 sessions for a fun-filled time!
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Get Acquainted with Singapore

Introducing “Get Acquainted with Singapore”, an information session held over Zoom spread across 2-days, aimed at helping you immerse yourselves in Singapore from the comforts of your own place of residence. In the sessions, many aspects of Singapore would be covered, ranging from the attractions to the Singaporean culture in general. Furthermore, there will also be Q&A sessions to help answer any questions you have about Singapore.

Date: 11 & 12 August
Time: 6 - 7 pm

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Do'n't Say Bo Jio - Singlish Workshop Updated
Don't Say Never Jio - Singlish Workshop

Wanna learn Singlish and Singapore's culture through fun games? Join us and make new friends in the process!

Session 1: 31 July (Saturday), 10-11.30am
Session 2: 01 August (Sunday), 10-11.30am

*You are encouraged to join both sessions, but you can also sign up for one
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NUS iCARE organises exciting events for local and international students to interact through cross cultural appreciation events and social activities. 

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