Student Leadership

Empowering Your Future through Soft Skills

In order for you to set-up and maintain an operationally-ready student organisation, you’d typically need a collection of hard skills such as IT, project management and marketing skills. Beyond that, it's the inherent character and interpersonal soft skills that matter too.

We live in an era of disruptive technology and increasingly, skill sets are changing to meet the needs of the future workplace. OSA recognises the importance of soft skills and see it as a critical factor for you to thrive in a competitive environment.

We aim to enhance attributes like leadership and help you grow holistically by helping you understand community and peer leadership issues, and ignite your passion for various causes.

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Basic Student Facilitation Training (BSFT)

Course Overview: Designed with the student leader in mind, the Basic Student Facilitation Training (BSFT) Programme will introduce effective leadership acumen and provide necessary opportunities to put them into practice.

Duration: 4-hour per week for 8 weeks

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand and execute your role as your organisation’s resource person or student-trainer;
  • Sharpen your leadership skills through sharing and peer facilitation

Games Leadership Workshop

Course Overview: An effective leader must do more than just lead, you would need to inspire your team to work cohesively to solve problems and achieve targets. These leadership skills do not necessarily come naturally so a dedication and commitment to your personal and professional growth is essential.

Activities can range from specially organised themed events and scavenger hunts to smaller office based tasks that can be integrated into a normal work day, like meeting openers or conference break activities. Whatever the objective, structure is the key; participants need to understand the connection between the activity and the workplace and this is where we excel - adding the element of fun to increase the effectiveness of the activity and equipped you with activities to get you started!

Duration: Varies between 1 – 2 days

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completion of the Programme, you will

  • Develop goals and objectives for GamePlay;
  • Be proficient in connecting games and the workplace;
  • Conduct fun, competitive review game that ends a high note
7 Habits of an Effective Leader Workshop

Course Overview: Discover how to get organised, work well with others, resolve conflicts, communicate effectively, and maintain balance. Based on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®” Programme, this workshop is specifically designed to introduce the key skills, abilities, and habits of human effectiveness. Individuals will internalise the 7 Habits through an experiential learning methodology.

Duration: Varies between 1 – 3 days
Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Programme, you will

  • be responsible for your own behaviour and accountable for results;
  • focus your time and energy on things you can control;
  • execute your most important priorities;
  • treat team members respectfully;
  • listen and communicate effectively;
  • solve problems collaboratively; and
  • achieve renewal and greater work/life balance

Enhance your skills, make friends and make a difference through leadership, facilitation, and mentoring positions on campus. These trainings are available for all student leaders.

Student Leadership Training Programmes

At NUS, there are numerous ways and opportunities for you to get involved outside of academia. Hone your leadership skills in:

  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Service Learning Leadership
  • Campus Community Leadership
  • Residential Life Leadership
  • Sports Leadership
The Leadership Co-Op

The Leadership Co-Op is a collection of resources to provide you with the boost that you need to complete your challenging leadership tasks.

  • NUS Student Leaders' Resources
  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Situational Leadership II
  • Framework for Freshmen Orientation
  • Safety & Crisis Planning & Management Workshop
  • Student Leader Module series
  • Leading Right

Orientation Leaders

As Orientation Leaders, you will undergo the NUS Orientation Leaders’ Symposium (NOLS), an experiential learning-based programme that aims to provide Orientation leaders a paradigm shift on the design of Orientation activities as well as the Situational Judgement Training and Reflection (SJTR), an online quiz comprising several real-life case scenarios that depict situations encountered during orientation. Read more

Residential Life Leaders

From Cluster Leaders, Peer Mentors, JCRC to Resident Assistants, there are numerous opportunities to lead in student in hostels. Residential Life fosters inclusive communities, creates social and educational opportunities, and provides safe and well-maintained residences.