Student Leadership

Everyone can become a better leader! 

In order for you to set-up and maintain an operationally-ready student organisation, you’d typically need a collection of hard & soft skills such as IT, project management and marketing skills. As we function in an increasingly disruptive technology era, skill sets are changing to meet the needs of the future workplace.

At OSA, we are committed to providing opportunities for you to take charge of your personal growth and development, whether as a leader of your organisation or within your community.

The NUS Educational Philosophy outlines the University’s vision of what you would look like at the end of your candidature and this further amplifies the fact that student life involvement is key to providing a conducive platform and avenue for you to develop yourself, to become constructive and responsible individual of well-rounded mind and character, who would go on to become effective global leaders of the future.

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NUS Leadership Excellence And Development (LEAD)

The NUS Leadership Excellence And Development (LEAD) programme seeks to empower prospective student leaders (SL) to gain deeper insight into their socio-emotional competencies and leadership skills and better equip them to lead with success in their leadership appointments, on campus and in the larger community. 
Design Your Own Course

Design-Your-Own-Course (DYOC) empowers you in your learning journey by giving you the flexibility in planning your studies without disruption to your existing structured disciplinary studies. It is an option for you to pursue interests outside your disciplines, broaden your knowledge, and encourage you to see “learning” as a lifetime endeavour.
Peer Student Supporters

The Peer Student Supporters (PSS) Programme is an initiative by OSA Student Wellness. PSS will be equipped with the necessary basic helping skills to befriend and support their peers who are in need and guide them to the appropriate help and resources available.

Orientation Leaders

As Orientation Leaders, you will undergo the NUS Orientation Leaders’ Symposium (NOLS), an experiential learning-based programme that aims to provide Orientation leaders a paradigm shift on the design of Orientation activities as well as the Situational Judgement Training and Reflection (SJTR), an online quiz comprising several real-life case scenarios that depict situations encountered during orientation. Read more

Residential Life Leaders

From Cluster Leaders, Peer Mentors, JCRC to Resident Assistants, there are numerous opportunities to lead in student in hostels. Residential Life fosters inclusive communities, creates social and educational opportunities, and provides safe and well-maintained residences. 

Adli Faiz Bin Anwar

My senior told me that I would be making a lot of mistakes throughout my term. The journey will be long and arduous, and I will eventually learn from my mistakes. Student leaders who undergo the LEAD programme will be able to apply their skills and knowledge beyond the NUS years and into the workforce.

- Adli Faiz Bin Anwar

President, NUS Muslim Society, AY20/21