Student Life Awards 2021 Special Edition


AY 20/21 was a challenging year for Student Life. Despite the restrictions on in-person activities due to the pandemic, we have witnessed the resilience and creativity of outstanding student organisations and individuals who preserved to organise activities to engage the NUS community. After a year's hiatus, the Student Life Awards is back to celebrate students' achievements and involvement in co-curricular activities.

“Live It Up!” is this year's theme. It conveys the notion of living student life to the fullest. In spite of the challenges, we will bounce back – stronger and better.


Award Categories



Exemplary individuals who empowered and inspired their teams

NUS_SLA_2021_SE_comm engagement

Community Engagement

Projects or events that promote community bonding and social integration within the NUS Community
NUS_SLA_2021_SE_comm svc

Community Service

Projects or events that promote volunteerism 

Award Recipients


Distinction Award Recipient

Jothinandan Pillay

Head of KE7 Peer Support Group, King Edward VII Hall

Spearheading the KE7 Peer Support Group, Jothinandan led a dedicated group of eight student leaders to identify and provide support for students undergoing mental health struggles

Merit Award Recipients
Zhou Xizhuang Michael (Dr Natalie Pang) ZHOU XIZHUANG MICHAEL
NUS Students' Political Association
Under Michael's leadership, NUSPA implemented 13 projects and engaged over 1,000 students including launching theBuild our Singapore 2025Campaign and the NUSPA Feedback Unit.

Peer Mentor Lead,
Prince George's Park House

Ezra brought the Peer Mentorship Programme in PGP House to greater heights by leading a group of 63 PGP House student leaders through the fully online 6 weeks Induction Programme for Student Leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caitlin O_hara
Community Service Director,
NUS Medical Society

Caitlin led the NUS Medical Society Community Service Directorate to provide support and guidance for medical student-led community service projects which includes the needs’ assessment of projects to understand the changing needs of students doing community service amidst COVID-19.

NUS Graduate Students' Society

Under Gokul’s leadership, the NUS Graduate Students’ Society grew from a 16 members core team to a 75 members team, and held a total of 64 events in the last academic year compared to previous years where an average of 12 events were organised yearly.
Vice-captain, NUS Sailing
Matthew led the NUS Fun-Sail programme which introduced over 130 new sailors to sailing over 4 days, setting an all-time record for the club. He also played a key role as a coach in the Varsity Training Program which resulted in outstanding achievements by the team - clinching the 2021 SB20 Asia-Pacific Championship Title.

Community Engagement

Distinction Award Recipients

5unWaveX (NUS Kayaking)

by NUS Kayaking
In celebration of NUS Kayaking’s 50th anniversary, 5unWaveX is a series of five 10km expeditions around Singapore’s coastlines. The expeditions brought a total of 134 participants out and enhanced student life with outdoors and experiential learning experiences.

Montage 2021 (NUSPS)

Montage 2021 by
The Photographic Society of NUS
Montage 2021 featured a competition, four workshops, a talk show and an exhibition. It successfully brought together the photography community in NUS with the larger community in Singapore by connecting their audience with industry professionals and like-minded enthusiasts.
Merit Award Recipients

Sparkseed (NUS Students_ Community Service Club)

by NUS Students' Community Service Club
Led by a group of 12 organising committee members, SparkSeed, a 4-days long virtual ideathon promoted volunteerism to many new volunteers and inspired some students to start their own community service projects as well. SparkSeed reached out to 120 attendees in total.

E-Nota 2021 (KEVII Hall)

E-Nota 2021
by King Edward VII Hall

E-Nota 2021 is a week-long showcase of performances prepared by 7 cultural CCAs in KE VII, including special events such as a TikTok dance challenge and a masked singer segment. These were live-streamed on Youtube Live and garnered an average of 350 viewers a day.

Kent Ridge Dance Production VI - Deep Space Kent Ridge Dance Production VI - Deep Space
by Kent Ridge Hall
Kent Ridge Dance Production is biennially held, wholly produced and directed by Kent Ridge Dance. The sixth instalment of Kent Ridge Dance Production: Deep Space, tells the story of a son’s love for his mother as she struggles through the polarizing effects of dementia. This instalment was a video production that garnered a total of over 4000 views.
Inclusive Catalyst Series (NUS Enablers)
Inclusive Catalyst Series
by NUS Enablers
The Inclusive Catalyst Series (ICS) comprised five sections which all had the common objective of educating the NUS community about inclusivity and disability matters. Each section had a specific focus and, together, they offered a breadth of knowledge that equipped the NUS community with the skills needed to be an ally to Student with Special Needs. The events recorded a total of 142 participants

Community Service

Distinction Award Recipient
Project R.I.C.E.+ (Red Cross Youth Chapter) Project R.I.C.E.+
by Red Cross Youth - NUS Chapter

Project RICE is a nationwide collection and distribution drive which aims to bring food and daily essentials to vulnerable families. The fundraising raised $362,160 and benefited 34,623 individuals in total.
Merit Award Recipients
Legal Education and Awareness Programme (Ms Phyllis Mok) Legal Education and Awareness Programme
by NUS Pro Bono Group

The Legal Education and Awareness Programme aims to provide at-risk youth with basic information on the laws applicable to them. 8 of such sessions were held and a total of 90 beneficiaries and 20 NUS volunteers participated in the programme
Project We Are One II Project We Are One II
by NUS Students' Community Service Club

In this iteration of Project WAO, the emphasis was on the empowerment of the migrant worker community in Singapore to reduce the negative prejudices Singaporeans may hold towards them.

SVC-YWCA Mentorship and Super JUNE-iors

SVC-YWCA Mentorship and Super JUNE-iors
by NUS Students' Science Club - Science Volunteer Corps

Science Volunteer Corps partnered with Young Women’s Christian Association to reach out to children from low-income families. The mentorship programmes involved engaging the children in science experiments and bringing them to the zoo to teach them about nature and the environment. A total of 103 participants were involved.

by Prince George's Park House
PHolunteers aim to serve as a platform for residents to regularly give back to society and meet people who share similar interests. In the past year, they have partnered with beneficiaries from the Singapore Children Society, Lion Befrienders and Habitat for Humanity for Singapore for volunteering opportunities for 38 residents.
Raffles Hall Information Outlet (Project RHino) Raffles Hall Information Outlet (Project RHino)
by Raffles Hall - Raffles Volunteer Corps (RVC)
This initiative provided online tuition clinics for less privileged secondary school students who may require additional attention due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. RVC collaborated with Bukit Batok CC and almost 100 students from this constituency benefited from this initiative, and more than 150 Raffles Hall residents signed up as volunteers.
Engaging Peers and Members of Public with Ecosystem Restoration (RVRC)
Engaging Peers and Members of Public with Ecosystem Restoration
by Ridge View Residential College - RV FoRestore

This project aims to develop youths to be better environmental stewards by creating opportunities for them to engage with actual forest restoration and conservation work in Singapore. This includes engaging the volunteers in weeding sessions, tree monitoring and online talks by academic specialists on nature conservation efforts in Singapore.
Project Silvercare Project Silvercareby NUS Medical Society Founded in 2010, Project Silvercare is a multi-disciplinary geriatric health screening and intervention programme in Singapore. Last year, a Tele-health screening (SilverScreen) and Tele-interventions initiative (SilverHomes) were piloted to reach out to isolated elderly due to the pandemic. 31 elderly for Silverscreen and 16 elderly for SilverHomes were followed up monthly for 9 months with the help of their volunteers and committee members.
Dispense-A-Dream 2020 (YEP-GO DAD_20) Youth Expedition Programme Goes Online – Dispense-A-Dream 2020 (YEP-GO DAD’20)
by NUS Pharmaceutical Society
This project is the first virtual medical and healthcare sharing session for Healthcare Professionals in Cambodia, organised in collaboration with YMCA Singapore, Water and Healthcare Foundation and the Provincial Healthcare Department from Kampong Chhnang. With the objectives of continual service for the overseas community despite COVID-19 travel restrictions, a 3-day workshop which totalled 24 training hours was held over Zoom.


Campus Choice Award

Recipients of the Campus Choice Award are voted by the NUS community.

Campus Choice Award

Raffles Hall Information Outlet (Project RHino), Campus Choice 2 Jothinandan Pillay, Campus Choice
 Campus Choice Award (Group)
 Project RHino by Raffles Hall Information Outlet, 
 Raffles Hall - Raffles Volunteer Corps (RVC)
Campus Choice Award (Individual)
Jothinandan Pillay
Head of KE7 Peer Support Group, King Edward VII Hall 



Award Ceremony 

The Student Life Awards 2021 Special Edition was streamed "live" from Shaw Foundation Alumni House on Saturday 6 November 2021, 4pm. Recap the memorable moments!


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Download the Programme Sheet for the Award Ceremony here.


nus silat

Special Performances by Student Organisations

Back on stage, we have NUS Silat, NUS Wushu and Kent Ridge A cappella to captivate you with their performances.

NUS President Prof Tan Eng Chye

Guest-of-Honour: Prof Tan Eng Chye

NUS President will give an opening address to our Award recipients and the student community at the Awards. Hear him "live" on 6 Nov, 4pm.