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Mobility and Campus Accessibility

Internal Shuttle Bus Service

All our internal shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible. However, during peak hours, students may experience difficulty in boarding the buses. 

This link provides a detailed route map of all the internal shuttle bus services available. 

Van service @ OCA

Office of Campus Amenities also provides transport services for mobility impaired students with documented temporary or permanent disabilities. Students must arrange for these services through the Disability Support Office or their Faculty and Schools. This complimentary service is strictly for transport to and from classes and is subjected to vehicle availability. Trips for personal errands will not be accommodated.

Schematic Map

Navigating Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) can be a challenge for freshmen as well as those who relies on the lift access to move around. While this may not be obvious, buildings within FASS are largely inter-linked through its network of lift access and it is possible to access every block once you are aware of the key adjoining levels of the different blocks. 

This schematic map* of FASS provides you with an overview of this network. 

While this map highlights wheelchair accessibility, we recognise that students with other mobility difficulties (e.g. students who use crutches) may still find it challenging to move around. In this regard, if you require assistance, get in touch with us and we will assess the viability of other transportation options along with you. 

The Office of Campus Amenities works with us to provide a wheelchair accessible transport service to students on a need-basis.

*This is the first of other faculty schematic maps to come, that can hopefully serve as supplementary guide to navigating accessibility routes within the campus. If you would like to get in touch on this, do drop us an email.

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