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Application Dates

Application/Registration Dates


Please note that the online hostel application, registration or acceptance period is from 10.00am (1st Day) to 11.59pm (last day), Singapore time unless otherwise stated.

Please read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the exercise before applying.

Undergraduate Students Hostel Exercise Dates

Please click here to apply and check results of application. 

Student Category Hostel Type Exercise (for AY2023/2024) Hostel Application Period
(10am onwards)
Result Notification
(10am onwards)
Acceptance of Offer By
Current Undergraduate

 Student Residences
Semester 1
14 March to 26 March 2023 5 April 2023
10 April 2023
 Current Undergraduate Halls & Houses Semester 1 24 March to 4 April 2023 14 April 2023 17 April 2023
 Current Undergraduate Student Residences, Halls & Houses Semester 1
(Round 2)
 27 March to 8 May 2023 18 May 2023 22 May 2023
 Freshmen Student Residences, Halls & Houses Semester 1 5 June to 12 June 2023 30 June 20235 July 2023
 Freshmen Student Residences, Halls & Houses Semester 1
(Round 2)
 30 June to 5 July 2023 14 July 2023 19 July 2023

*Limited vacancies available.

Students who have been admitted to Ridge View Residential College Programme, NUS College or University Town College Programme, please login here to register for accommodation upon notification from the respective colleges.  

Vacation Stay

Student Category Exercise Application and Payment Period Click the Link Below to Apply and Pay
Residents Vacation 2 Stay - AY2022/23 19 April to 25 April PAY HERE

Students who wish to stay for vacation are required to submit an application through the UHMS Hostel Application portal. Thereafter, they are to make payment through the UHMS Hostel Application portal.

Due to limited housing capacity, vacation stay in the hostels is only for the current hostel residents.