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Hostel Options

Full-time NUS Undergraduate students may apply for a place in the Halls of Residence, Houses, Student Residences or Residential Colleges (applicable only to students who are admitted to the UTCP, RVRC or NUSC).

Students are required to subscribe to the meal plan (Halls and Residential Colleges) as the dining experience aims to foster community amongst students and faculty/staff by bonding over meals.

Some rooms have been designed specifically for students with special needs. If you have special needs due to a serious medical condition, you should indicate them clearly in your application form so that we can allocate the most appropriate room available.

The hostel rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and fitted with LAN point for connection to campus network.

Four Hostel Types

There are four different types of residential options for full-time NUS undergraduate students to choose from. Explore and find your ideal housing.

1. Halls of Residence
2. Houses
3. Residential Colleges  - The following programmes are available:

Students are required to apply and be accepted into a programme before they can apply for a room in the Residential College/ NUS College. For more, please refer to this link.

4. Student Residences 


  • Meals are catered for the Halls and Residential Colleges and residents are required to subscribe to the meal plan. For further details, please refer to Hostel Rates.
  • Due to keen demand for campus accommodation, undergraduate students not qualified under any residential admission scheme will not be prioritised for campus accommodation.  Students are advised to source for off-campus accommodation.
  • College of Alice & Peter Tan, Tembusu College and Residential College 4 are primarily for students who are admitted to the University Town College Programme (UTCP).
  • Ridge View Residential College is primarily for students from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, NUS Business School, School of Computing and School of Design and Environment who have been admitted to the Ridge View Residential College programme.
  • Cinnamon Wing and West Wing are primarily for students who are admitted to NUS College.
  • UTown Residence is in close proximity to the Town Green Plaza which hosts lively activities throughout the year. Some noise is to be expected from these activities. Students who are sensitive to noise may want to take this into consideration when selecting hostel preferences.
  • UTown Residence (UTR) is not applicable to new Undergraduate students (admitted in AY22/23).