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Update of Personal Particulars

Throughout their candidature, students are responsible for keeping their personal particulars updated in the University's records in a timely manner. This means that students must notify the University within 5 working days of the effective date of change of the affected personal particulars. The University will not be accountable for delayed or lost mail due to incorrect or obsolete students' addresses and contacts. Students may check their particulars via the University's Education Records System (myEduRec).

With effect from May 2022, except for Next-of-Kin/Emergency Contacts and Passport Number update, students may request the following information from Myinfo (authenticated through SingPass) to update the University records.  To do so, login to myEduRec > Personal Info > Myinfo Demographic Information and follow the instructions there.

  • Citizenship/Residency Status
  • Foreign Identification Number (FIN) (for International Students)
  • Official Name
  • Correspondence Contact Details

Change of Official Name
Your name captured in the University's record as your Official Name will be printed on the various official documents issued by the University, in particular your degree scroll and academic transcript.

The official name should be the same as your NRIC/Passport. If you have officially/legally changed your name during your course of study, or noticed that the Official Name reflected in myEduRec is incorrect, please update the University’s records University in a timely manner.  No amendments of Official Name can be done once you have officially been conferred the degree.

Do note that names that exceed more than 70 characters (including spaces) will be abbreviated.

You can verify your Official Name in myEduRec. Please refer to the user guide on "View/Update Personal Information" in myEduRec webpage for the steps.

Change in Citizenship/Residency Status
 It is important for you to declare any changes in your citizenship or residency status promptly. Failure to do so would have financial implications in terms of the tuition fees charged.

Your tuition fee will be adjusted for the current semester when your citizenship or permanent residency status takes effect on or before the end of 2nd instructional week of that semester.

You should update citizenship/residency information via Myinfo latest by the end of the 2nd instructional week of the semester.

If you update via Myinfo after the end of the 2nd instructional week but by the end of the Reading Week of the semester, you are required to attach necessary supporting documents* for verification and assessment. If your document(s) is dated on or before the end of the 2nd instructional week of that semester, your tuition fee will be adjusted for the current semester. If otherwise, the tuition fee adjustment will take effect in the next semester.

If you update via Myinfo after the end of the Reading Week, your tuition fee will be adjusted for the next semester, regardless of the date of your supporting documents*.

*You should attach your Certificate of Citizenship/Singapore NRIC/Collection Slip. If you do not have these documents yet, you may provide an In-Principle Approval (IPA) Letter from ICA (for obtaining Singapore Citizenship or Permanent Residence).

Should everything be in order, your updated citizenship/residency status will reflect in myEduRec within the next 3 working days from your online update.

Prior to the change in citizenship or permanent residency status, you are liable for fees before adjustment. Following your change in status, the Office of Finance will re-calculate the affected semester's fees, and any excess tuition fees paid will be credited into your account.

Full-time undergraduates whose citizenship is changed to “Singapore Citizen”, please download the Application for Tuition Grant and Declaration of Tuition Grant Eligibility (Applicable for Singapore Citizens Only) form if you wish to take up the Tuition Grant from Singapore Government to subsidise the cost of your education at NUS. Duly completed forms are to be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid via > “Send an Email” under Contact Us.  Select “MOE Tuition Grant” category after you logged in/created an account to send the email.

For full-time graduate research students who are receiving the NUS Research Scholarship, please note that any revised scholarship stipend due to a change of citizenship will be effective the month after the student’s notification of the citizenship change. For enquiries, contact

Change in Correspondence Contact Details
There are two ways to update your contact details, such as Mobile Phone Number, Personal Email Address and Mailing Address:

  1. Request from MyInfo
    • Login to myEduRec > Personal Info > Myinfo Demographic Information.
    • Make sure you update the information in Myinfo first. You may update your Mobile Phone Number and Personal Email Address via your SingPass App personally. For update of Mailing Address, please click here.
    • Upon retrieving your Mobile Phone Number and Personal Email Address from SingPass, you may edit them if you wish.However, should you retrieve your personal information from Myinfo again next time, it will overwrite the existing records.


  2. Manual Update in myEduRec
    • Refer to the user guide for the steps.
    • Please note that should you retrieve your personal information from Myinfo next time, it will overwrite the existing records.
Change in Passport Number and Other Personal Particulars
Update of passport number and other personal particulars such as marital status is optional. International students without Singapore National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) may update your Passport Number with the University.

To update, please email with a copy of your passport to the following:

  • For Undergraduate and Graduate students:
  • For Non-Graduating students:
  • For Continuing Professional Education students, please contact your Faculty administrator.
Next-of-Kin / Emergency Contacts Details
 Students can update their Next-of-Kin / Emergency Contacts details by themselves manually via myEduRec.  Please refer to the user guide for the steps.
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