Resources for Staff


An entrance to a wheelchair accessible toilet indicated by a blue wheelchair icon sign.

Supporting Students
with Disabilities

Gain an understanding of the types of disabilities and teaching and learning strategies that will support students with diverse needs in the classroom.

  • Developmental 
  • Learning 
  • Sensory 
  • Physical
  • Others

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A confident female instructor engaging with her students.


Include a statement in your course syllabus to acknowledge the varying levels of support students require in their learning process and to affirm them of your commitment in providing suitable accommodations. 

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A male forearm rested on a table complete with a laptop and stationeries, gesturing in discussion with a female counterpart.

Creating Accessible
Course Materials

Find out more about ways you can enhance the accessibility of your course.

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Three young women of diverse ethnicities smiling to each other when problem solving in front of a white board.

Communication and
Tips for Engagement

Learn about the nuances in engaging with students and some good practices to adopt.

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Building an inclusive and accessible campus


A group of students interacting over a fun game.