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Student Accessibility Unit (SAU)

Browse through the following list of services that NUS and the Student Accessibility Unit (SAU) resources can support your academic needs.

An overview of the devices available in the assistive technology room located at the PitStop@YIH.

Assessment arrangements / accommodations

Students may apply for assessment accommodations and are advised to do so in the early weeks of the semester, where possible, except in the event of unforeseen circumstances, so as to allow adequate time for necessary arrangements to be made.  

Requests for arrangements should be accompanied by supporting documents. 

Students with dyslexia or ADHD seeking assessment arrangements needs to ensure that their assessment reports are dated no more than a year ago. If you need to obtain an updated educational assessment for the purpose of assessment accommodations, please reach out to the University Health Centre (UHC) or SAU to seek a referral to Clinical and Health Psychology Centre (CHPC) for an assessment. You may also choose to have the assessment done at external assessment centres. Please contact SAU to explore possible funding support to defray assessment related costs.

Examples of assessment accommodations include:

  • Extra time
  • Use of laptop
  • Use of assistive devices or software
  • Enlarged fonts and paper
  • Alternative seating arrangements
  • Rest breaks

This list is for illustration and is not exhaustive. If you have requirements that are not covered here, contact us to find out how your specific request may be accommodated.

Application Process

  • Prepare and have with you, a copy of your diagnosis report and any accommodation letter from your previous institution.
  • Register at UHC indicating the purpose of your visit (i.e. to request for assessment accommodations).
  • Your request will be assessed and verified by the doctor during the consultation
  • You will be notified of the arrangements granted via an email notification by Registrar’s Office

Do note that certifying assessment arrangements are additional duties that physicians at UHC undertake and may or may not be medical in nature, depending on the individual’s specific requirements.

Learning support services

Students who are eligible for learning support services may put in your request to SAU via email, with details of the support services required. Students who are eligible may tap on the Special Education Needs Funding to support this area of need.

Examples of learning support services include:

  • Lecture captioning or transcription
  • Note taking services
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Scribe and other access related services 
Writing and oral presentation tutoring support

The Writing and Communications Hub (WCH) at the Centre for Language and Communication (CELC) provides one-to-one consultations for students who would like to seek support for different stages of their written and oral assignment. Find out more about what to expect and how to book a tutoring session at the hub’s webpage.

If the writing support you are seeking is more technical in nature and specific to your area of study, consider making an appointment with the module’s tutor for more targeted guidance.

Accessible technologies, apps and software

A desktop video magnifier showing enlarge prints of a document placed on its viewer.

A range of inclusive devices and software is available at the Assistive Technology Room at PitStop@YIH to support the learning needs of students while on campus. You may make use of them while you are on campus or loan it out for a short period, if needed. 

To enable students to assess a device’s suitability before acquiring it, we can help to facilitate trials, upon request.  The following items are available for loan.  

  • JAWS (Job Access With Speech)
  • Fine Reader (Image to readable text)
  • Read & Write Gold
  • Audio Recorder, Smart pens
  • Dragon (Speech to Text)
  • Pearl Scanner (20 pages/min)
  • Open Book (OCR – image to text)
  • FM transmitter & receiver
  • Prodigi Connect Magnifier Tablet
  • Piaf Tactile Embosser
  • Wheelchairs  

Need more specific support? We can help.

Email SAU