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Non Academic Support

Resources for Students
Student Accessibility Unit (SAU)

Browse through the following list of services that the Student Accessibility Unit (SAU) can offer to help you adjust to University life, get around campus and prepare for your career.

A group of students participating in a workshop organised by the NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates.

Inclusive Event Planning

Inclusive event planning is crucial for creating welcoming and accessible events for all attendees. We have created an inclusive event planning guide for NUS student leaders, with helpful tips and considerations from the Student Accessibility Unit and Community Engagement sections. By following these considerations, we can create events that promote inclusivity and diversity in our community.

Transition support

Prospective students seeking admission to the University are encouraged to indicate if they have any medical/health condition or disabilities when applying for admission. This information is kept confidential and will enable us to understand the support and assistance that students may require as they transit to NUS, as well as throughout their educational journey.

One-to-one guided Orientation

Navigating a new environment can be challenging but it does not have to be. As our campus sits on a hilly terrain, students who are wheelchair users may find it useful to be given a guided tour of wheelchair accessible routes within and around their faculty. Students who can benefit from an individualised orientation are welcome to reach out to us to arrange for one.

If you would like to request for assistance with moving around the campus, please contact the SAU as soon as possible, prior to the start of the semester, to facilitate timely arrangements.

Residential support

If you are a new student exploring on campus accommodation, it is important that you communicate this request to us early, so that we may assess if there are suitable on campus housing options for you.

You may refer to Hostel Admission Services webpage for a comprehensive on-campus housing admission guide. Where feasible, a student may arrange with us to visit a specific hostel together, to assess and discuss it’s suitability for your accommodation needs.

Mobility and campus access

NUS shuttle bus with riders inside the bus.

Internal shuttle bus service

All our internal shuttle buses are wheelchair accessible. However, during peak hours, students may experience difficulty in boarding the buses. See below a detailed route map of all the internal shuttle bus services available.

Getting around NUS

A driver and student passenger posing in front of the NUS mobility van.   

Accessible van service

OSA works with Office of Campus Amenities to provide transport services for students with documented temporary or permanent disabilities. Students may arrange for these services through the SAU. This complimentary service is strictly for transport to and from classes and may be subjected to vehicle availability.

 A gentry in a car park on campus.  

Carpark waivers

Carpark waivers may be granted to enable students with disabilities and their parents/guardians to park and alight at a safe location on campus.


 A map of NUS campus  

Campus accessibility map

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Special Education Needs (SEN) fund, scholarships and awards

A group photo taken at an award ceremony, including person with and without disabilities.

Special Education Needs (SEN)

The SEN Fund is available to NUS students with disabilities who would like to seek financial support to acquire assistive technologies and learning support services. In general, the SEN Fund covers the following categories of items:

  • Accessible tools and devices (for example: mobility aids, trackball mouse, special keyboard, magnifiers, FM transmitter and receivers, roger pen)
  • Accessible software (for example: speech to text, text to speech, note taking, mind mapping, writing development)
  • Specialised professional services (for example: learning assessments, note taking, captioning and transcription, braille conversion, skills training/coaching sessions) 
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Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Scholarship (APB)

The APB Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities is a competitive, multi-disciplinary scholarship that recognises excellent academic results of university students with physical, hearing, visual or speech impairment, as well as developmental disabilities.

The annual scholarship quantum of $12,000 is bond free and offers a top up for students who qualify for it.  It is not limited to students who are freshmen and student who have applied previously are eligible to re-apply.

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Deaf Achievers Awards

SADeaf supports and recognises outstanding Deaf students through several categories of awards, namely, Outstanding Deaf Student, Outstanding Deaf Sportsman/Sportswoman and Special Talent.

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Internship and career related opportunities

SG Enable IHL Internship Programme

SAU partners with SG Enable to refer students to inclusive internship opportunities available through this programme. Upon completing an application form, you will be contacted for an informal session to better assess your internship interest and requirements, so as to facilitate shortlisting of opportunities that matches your preference, whenever possible.

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RISE Mentorship Programme

RISE Mentorship is a 16-week mentorship programme that runs twice a year. Tertiary students and graduates with disabilities are matched with business mentors from inclusive employers. Discover how a meaningful mentorship can help you towards charting your personal and career goals.

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Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG)
Career Advisory and Support

The Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) has a dedicated group of career advisors who offer personalised advice and guidance on how you can achieve your career goals.


SAU works with CFG career advisors to support students with disabilities in their internship needs. If you have specific requirements to meet a compulsory internship and have difficulty finding one, get in touch with us to let us know the support you need.

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CFG runs a Job Portal called NUS TalentConnect which opens you to an array of job opportunities as well as internships and part-time positions within NUS and across industries. You can also set alerts to be notified of jobs that match your preference.

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Serving Persons with Disabilities (SPD)
Employment Support Programme (ESP)

Through this programme, SPD provides support to persons with physical and sensory disabilities to secure open employment. Thereafter, job support is provided for six months to ensure smooth transition into the job and working environment.

This service is extended to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents at no charge. Eligible applicants will be interviewed for job matching and job placements.

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