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Student Wellness' events and activities run all semester long to keep you prepared for life challenges at NUS and beyond!

De-Stress Festival April 2022

It is the last lap before the final examinations! Join Student Wellness at the upcoming hands-on workshops as you take #timeout from your exam revision.

Date Time Workshops Name Sign up here
4 April (week 12) 5-6.30pm Bubble Tea Charm Register
6 April (week 12) 1-2pm Mindful Coffee Experience Register
7 April (week 12) 5-6.15pm Clay on Canvas Register
8 April (week 12) 5-6pm Gel Scented candles Register
11 April (week 13) 5-6pm Calligraphy Tote Bag Register
12 April (week 13) 5-6pm Snack combo miniature magnets Register
13 April (week 13) 5-6pm Fragrance Stone Painting Register