Double Degree Programme in Business and Business Analytics

Developing talent with strong business, computing and analytical skills for the digital age

Government agencies and businesses are facing increasing pressure to harness the benefits of big data and related technologies to help them get ahead and transform the way they work, from understanding better the people they serve to using smarter strategies and operating more effectively.

In view of the escalating and insatiable demand from organisations for talents with data science and analytical capabilities, the NUS School of Computing (SOC) and NUS Business School (BIZ) are pleased to offer the following Double Degree Programmes (DDPs):

If home faculty is BIZ
Double-Honours DDP (5 years) Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) and Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics (Honours)
If home faculty is SOC
Double-Honours DDP (5 years) Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics (Honours) and Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours)
Single-Honours DDP (4.5 years) Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics (Honours) and Bachelor of Business Administration

The above DDPs are designed to equip business graduates with deep knowledge and skills in data analytics and information management, and data scientists with strong business knowledge and related soft skills.

Admission Requirements

Students may be admitted to the DDP in one of the following ways, if they meet the requirements of both the NUS School of Computing (SOC) and NUS Business School (BIZ):

  1. Direct admissions through the University’s Admissions Exercise:
    • from AY2020/2021 Semester 1 admission onwards.
  2. Admissions after completion of the first year of BBA or BSc (Business Analytics):
    • For students who are admitted into BBA or BSc Business Analytics programme from AY2019/2020 onwards.
    • To be eligible to apply, students must have a CAP of at least 3.75 as this is the academic threshold that every DDP student has to achieve to stay on the programme.
    • Applicants should complete in their first year at least one module from the second degree programme so that the respective faculties can assess their suitability for the programme. The faculties will consider the grades of such modules in the shortlisting process.
    • An email invitation will be sent by SOC and BIZ to all their Year 1 students in every Semester 2 of the academic year, around April/May. Interested students have to apply using the form that will be provided in the invitation.

Study Plans

These sample study plans serve as a guide and are non-binding. Students need to be flexible and make alternative arrangement if some modules clash in timetable or are not available in a particular semester.

Sample Study Plan for Single-Honours DDP
(available only if home faculty is SOC)

Sample Study Plan for Double-Honours DDP


The fees payable by students in the double degree programme will be in accordance with University guidelines on tuition fees.


Please refer to DDP Framework and Guidelines.