Healthy Life Programme

Have you been informed that you have higher than normal blood pressure or sugar levels?

Take charge of your health today!

Join the Healthy Life Programme to equip yourself with skills and the support needed to manage your condition - stay active and feel more in charge of your health.

Programme Benefits

A year-long programme starting in August, participants can look forward to an organised approach to caring for your health.

This Plan:

✓ Identifies your healthcare needs
✓ Gives you access to a dedicated case manager
✓ Pre-schedules appointments with UHC's medical doctors
✓ Equips you with practical skills to manage your condition
✓ Offers reimbursable co-payment consultation fees
✓ Offers 50% reimbursable fees for UHC’s in-person Active Classes

Who are eligible? 

Staff who are medically diagnosed or suspected with one or more of the following chronic conditions:
1. Diabetes Mellitus
2. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
3. Lipid Disorders (e.g. High Blood Cholesterol)

Email us for more information or to register. 

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