Pre-Admission Medical Exam

All admitted students (excluding non-graduating students and continuing & professional education students) are required to undergo a pre-admission medical examination before enrolment. The university reserves the right to refuse your admission should you decide to decline this process.

If you are a student entering the field of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, or Dentistry, kindly note that there are additional screenings and immunisation requirements. Please refer to your respective Faculty or School for further information and datelines for such screenings.

You are also requested to bring your admissions medical examination form (with Part I completed) on the day of your medical check-up. Please select the form based on the status of your university acceptance.

Admissions Medical Examination Forms

Students matriculated in AY 2023/24 Semester 1 are required to complete all medical examinations by 11 August 2023. If you do not complete the Medical Examination by the deadline, a Negative Service Indicator (NSI) will be checked against you. As a consequence, you may be locked out of access to certain key student services, including examination results, transcripts, etc. Hence, please complete the medical examinations as soon as you can if you have not done so.

Plan Your Visit

Medical examinations may be conducted by the University Health Centre or by a private registered health physician.

Pre-admission medical examinations (ME) for Dentistry students (undergraduates and graduates) are conducted by the Occupational Health Clinic, located at the basement of University Health Centre. To schedule your ME appointment, please email / for assistance.

No appointment is required at the UHC, please walk-in between 8.30am – 10.30am or 1.30pm – 3.30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (closed on Public Holidays and University Holidays). Do note that the whole medical examination will take approximately 2 hours.

Female candidates should note that monthly menstrual cycles do affect results of urine tests. Hence, you are advised to complete he medical examination five to seven days after the last day of your period.

If you have chosen to undergo your pre-admission medical examination with a private physician, please note that submitted forms should include the following:

  • Part I of the Medical Examination Form (to be completed by you, the student).
  • Part II of the Medical Examination Form (to be completed by a registered health physician).
  • Only chest X-ray reports (original or duplicate) are accepted and must be attached with the completed Medical Examination Form.  X-ray films will not be considered and cannot be used as a substitute for the report.
  • Any completed medical reports and X-ray reports must have a validity date of 6 months or less.
  • All reports must be submitted in the English language. No other languages will be accepted for consideration.
  • Submission of Report:
    • Save completed Medical Examination Form and Chest X-ray report in PDF and email to by 11 August 2023.
    • Walk-in submissions will NOT be accepted.
    • Ensure all information is completed in the Medical Examination Form (Part I and II) before submission. Any missing information will be deemed as incomplete and students will be asked to check back with the clinic for corrections. 

While most submitted reports generally fall within the accepted guidelines, you may be required by the university and UHC to undergo further medical examinations or tests if your earlier medical results are incomplete or unsatisfactory. For your convenience, we encourage you to proceed with your medical examination at UHC.

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