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  1. What do I need to bring for each visit?

    Please bring along your identification card (such as Student Matric card, Staff card, NRIC or work permit) for verification purposes, and medical benefit documents (insurance card or PEI/CPW letter), if any.

  2. Can I walk-in for a medical consultation / Do I have to book an appointment?

    No appointment is required for GP consultation.

    However, UHC specialist consultations are scheduled by-appointment basis and upon referral by our doctors. You may call +65 6601 5035 to make, change or cancel an appointment. A list of our specialist services are available here.

X-Ray, Health Screening & Laboratory Services

  1. Are radiology (X-ray) services available in UHC? Do I need to schedule an appointment?

    X-ray services are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
    No appointment is required. However a doctor’s consultation is required before proceeding with your x-ray.

  2. Are health screening packages available?

    Yes. UHC offers a wide range of health screening packages specific to your needs. Our list of packages are available here.

  3. Do I need to consult a doctor when I purchase a health screening package?

    Yes, a doctor's consultation is required.

  4. Do I need to consult a doctor before I proceed for my laboratory test?

    You may like to consider consulting our doctor for advice regarding any health concerns you may have or medical examinations you are considering to undergo.

    Costs for medical examinations and tests varies, you may enquire on yours when registering.

  5. How soon will I receive my results?

    Depending on the type of test or screening you have undergone, results will be ready within five (5) to ten (10) working days.
    As we do not snail or e-mail medical records, collection of medical records are in-person only. If you are unable to collect your record, a letter of authorisation is required when the appointed person is collecting on your behalf.

Medical Reports

  1. How do I request for a copy of my medical records?

    If you would like a copy of your medical report, we require you to complete a consent and release form issued by UHC. The medical report is chargeable and payment is to be made at the point of request.

    If you are below the age of 21 years old, a proof of consent is required by your parents or legal guardian.

    As we do not snail mail or e-mail medical records, collection of medical records are in-person only. If you are unable to collect your record, a letter of authorisation is required when the appointed person is collecting on your behalf.

  2. Can my insurance company request a copy of my medical records on my behalf?

    Yes. This is possible.

    However, UHC requires the appointed insurance company to submit an official request letter. Additionally, we would require you to submit a letter of authorisation as well as a signed consent and release form. The medical report is chargeable. Cheques should be made payable to the ‘National University of Singapore’.

    Thereafter, your medical report will be mailed directly to the appointed insurance company.

  3. When will my report be ready for collection?

    Medical reports are ready for collection between 4 - 5 weeks.

Specialist Clinic & Appointment

  1. What specialist services are available at UHC?

    UHC provides varied specialised outpatient specialist services at our venue. Please click here to review.

  2. How can I schedule a specialist consultation?

    You may call +65 6601 5035 to schedule, change or cancel a specialist appointment.

    Please note that specialist services are by-appointment only and may require prior referral from UHC’s health physicians. A SGD$10 refundable deposit is also required when scheduling an appointment.

Payment Advice

  1. Are medical consultation and medication chargeable at UHC?

    Charges are generally dependent on the type of consultation medication/treatment plan which you require and insurance scheme which you are covered. A list of consultation and medical charges are listed here.

  2. What are the available modes of payment?

    Cashless payment only. The payment modes available are NETS, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayLah and PayNow. 

  3. Can I use medisave to pay?

    Medisave deduction option is not available at UHC.


  1. What type of vaccinations can I get at your clinic?

    Vaccines are important in assisting your body to fight off certain illnesses. If you are due for a immunisation shot or may be travelling overseas that require certain vaccinations, UHC makes it convenient for you to get yours. Please check with the clinic on available vaccines or immunisation relevant to you.

  2. Do I need to schedule an appointment for vaccinations?

    No appointment is required.

    Many vaccinations available at UHC do not require a doctor’s consultation. However, we encourage you to consult with a doctor if you are unsure of your vaccination needs.

  3. I would like to request for an immunisation certificate. How do I request for one?

    An immunisation certificate is issued by our nurses when you receive your vaccination.


  1. What is the difference between a standard and a non-standard medicine?

    Standard medicines are usually classified the first choice of drugs used to manage symptoms associated with the illness the patients is suffering from. Categorisation of drugs are based on international guidelines, safety and tolerability profile of the drugs, and are cost-effective. It may also differ from clinics and healthcare institutions.

    Non-standard medicines are medication which may complement standard medicines used in managing the symptoms or illness. At NUS, drugs under this category may include medication that are excluded from the university’s group health insurance scheme or first-line treatment options for certain medical conditions that may cost more.

  2. What items can I buy without seeking a consultation with the doctor?

    Items which are classified under Singapore’s Poisons Act and Health Products Act as General Sales List (GSL) items, or Pharmacy-only (P-only) items are available for sale. Please refer to our E-booklet for a complete list of available items for sale. Please note that P-only items are only available for purchase in the presence of the pharmacist as such items contain drugs which may cause harm when used indiscriminately. Sales of such items are available in limited amounts and subjected to existing regulations.

    You may wish to call our pharmacy line at +65 6516 2392 during office hours to enquire on availability of items.

  3. Will my student/staff insurance cover items bought from the UHC pharmacy without prior consultation with the doctor?

    All items bought directly from the UHC pharmacy are not reimbursable under the group insurance scheme.

  4. I have a prescription for medicines written by a non-UHC doctor. Can I get the prescription filled at the UHC pharmacy?

    UHC pharmacy only dispenses prescriptions issued by UHC doctors. Prescriptions issued by a non-UHC doctor would require you to first seek consultation with our doctor before being prescribed with the medicine.

  5. May I purchase items from the UHC pharmacy on behalf of my friend/colleague?

    UHC only permits purchase of items for your own consumption and usage. Departments which require items for all official event or activity are requested to email us at

  6. Can the public purchase items from the UHC pharmacy?

    UHC pharmaceutical services are only available for NUS staff and students.

Pre-Admission Medical Examination

  1. I have changed my programme/faculty, would my new faculty be informed of my medical results?

    Medical results will be forwarded to the school or faculty which you’ve indicated on your Medical Examination Form. Alternatively, please email to inform UHC of any changes.

  2. I am a returning NS man and I missed my medical appointment in the April. Is there another time which I am able to schedule my appointment?

    General medical examinations for matriculating students run from June to early August. If you missed your appointment in April, you may register for a new date between the months of June to early August. For more information on pre-admission medical examinations, please click here.

  3. Where can I obtain a copy of the Medical Examination Form?

    A copy of the medical examination form can be download through these links:

    Download Medical Examination Form for Undergraduate Students Download Medical Examination Form for Graduate Students Download Medical Examination Form for BTECH Students

Medical Examinations

  1. What are the medical examinations available at UHC?

    UHC provides the following medical examinations for the following purposes: pre-admission; employment; student passes; dependent pass; social visit passes; work permits; training employment pass; student-exchange programmes.

  2. Do I have to book an appointment for the medical examination?

    No appointment is required for medical examinations except for employment medical examinations.

    Please walk-in between 08.30am – 10.30am or 01.30pm – 03.30pm on Tuesday to Thursday for the medical examination.

  3. What do I have to bring for my medical examination?

    Please bring your identification card and documents (such as in-principal approval (IPA) letter required for pass/permit application, medical examination form, vaccination records and medical reports), if any.

  4. How long is the procedure?

    The procedure will take approximately 2 hours, depending on the type of examination or tests required.


  1. Are dental service available at UHC?

    Dental services are not available at our clinic. However, dental services are available within our premises. You may contact +65 6773 1613 for enquiries or to schedule an appointment.

    Do note that dental services are not covered by insurance. Staff may opt to use your HealthChoice benefits for dental claims.

  2. How can I obtain a duplicate of my medical certificate, receipt or referral letter?

    To request a duplicate of your medical certificate, receipt or referral letter, please proceed to the registration counter.

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