1. I used to be a member of NUS’ Staff Club, am I able to transfer my membership to the staff gym?

    NUS Staff Club is a private and independent entity with its own membership scheme. As such, Staff Club memberships are not transferrable.

  2. Are personal trainers allowed in the staff gym?

    Only NUS appointed Certis Cisco Management Services approved personal trainers are permitted to conduct personal training sessions at the Staff Gym. Prior approval by the Wellness Outreach must be obtained before the commencement of any sessions.

    Personal training is not permitted on any other on-campus fitness gyms.

Staff Gym Memberships:

  1. As a family member of a current NUS Staff, can I register as a gym member with the new Staff Gym?

    Only individuals under the following categories are eligible. Please refer to the following table or to this link

    Category Definition
    University Guest (Staff) This refers to an individual currently hosted by and working at an NUS Department.
    University Guest (Family members of NUS Staff) This refers to an individual who is a spouse or child of a current NUS staff and is 13 years old and above on the date of application.
    University Guest (Resident) This refers to an individual who is currently residing on the NUS campus together with an NUS Staff and is 13 years old and above on date of application.
  2. As an alumnus of the University or former staff of the University, can I register as a gym member with the new Staff Gym?

    Only current NUS staff, University Guest (Staff), University Guest (Student), University Guest (Family Members of NUS Staff) and University Guest (Resident) are eligible.

  3. When does my membership begin?

    Your annual membership begins at the point of registration.

  4. I’ve registered my membership, am I able to use the Staff Gym in the new year?

    As the Staff Gym (previously named Staff Club Gym) is undergoing improvement works, its facilities will ready for staff use from end February 2020.

  5. Does my membership include other on-campus fitness gyms?

    Yes. Your annual campus gym membership allows you entry to the Staff Gym as well as the Sports and UTown Management Unit (SUU)’s three other on-campus fitness gyms. Please refer to the following link for SUU’s available sporting facilities.

  6. What happens to my membership when the Staff Gym closes?

    While the Staff Gym will be in operation only for a limited period; gym members with unexpired membership upon the closure of the staff gym will continue to have access to any of SUU’s 3 gyms on campus until the expiry of their membership.

  7. What is Reboks?

    The Resource Booking System (REBOKS) is an online facilities booking system. Facilities available for booking through the REBOKS are typically those that are meant for campus life like sports, student CCAs etc. The services provided by REBOKS includes:

    • Booking of selected facilities
    • Topping up of funds into eWallet
    Staff who wish to use the Staff Gym are required to register through the Reboks system.

    For more information about Reboks, click here.


  8. How can I register?

    To register, please click here.

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