NUS Recycling Target & Performance

Under the NUS Strategic Sustainability Plan 2017 – 2020, NUS has achieved a 25% recycling target in FY 2020. To meet the 25% target, the Zero Waste Taskforce has stepped up recycling efforts for various streams – food waste, horticulture, packaging (PMP: paper, metal and plastic) and e-waste (to be included from FY 2021 onwards).

Under the “Towards A Zero-Waste NUS” Action Plan 2030, NUS has a vision to achieve an operational Zero Waste campus by 2030, where around 80% to 90% of our waste sent to incineration plants will be diverted for recycling, reusing and most importantly cutting down the waste generated.

Percentage of recycled and incinerated waste. 2021 was chosen as the base year as a smart waste and recycling collection system was employed to get location-based data and verification exercises were conducted to improve data accuracy. By 2025 and 2030, the recycling targets will be 50% and 80-90% respectively.