Our Taskforce

Set up in 2015 by the NUS Sustainability Steering Committee, the Zero Waste Taskforce (ZWT) leads the implementation of the "Towards a Zero-Waste NUS" Action Plan 2030. The Action Plan 2030 outlines strategies and programmes that the university must take to minimise food waste, packaging waste and e-waste, with the aim of contributing to the larger national objective of diverting waste away from incineration plants and extending the lifespan of Semakau Landfill.

The Members


Loo Deliang

Chairman, Zero Waste Taskforce & Head, Sustainability Strategy Unit, University Campus Infrastructure


Harry Lim

Secretariat, Zero Waste Taskforce & Manager, Sustainability Strategy Unit, University Campus Infrastructure

Mindy Ong

Mindy Ong

Assistant Manager, Sustainability Strategy Unit, University Campus Infrastructure


Abu Shama

Grounds & Operation, Asset Enhancement, Division of Campus Asset Management

Lim Jiaxin

Lim Jia Xin

Manager, Housing Services, Division of Campus Life

Stephanie v2

Stephanie Fong

Associate Director, Campus Services, Division of Campus Life

Zero Waste Advocates

Tommy Cheong

Tommy Cheong

Industrial Design, Class of 2020

Recycle Right Bin Designer

"Looking back on my ‘Recycle Right’ journey, my main takeaway was the importance of collaboration when it comes to sustainability. As recycling is a very complex issue, I’m thankful that the NUS staff were willing to share their expertise when it comes to recycling operations and work with me through this process. Linking me up with other partners so that I could test out my solution."

Ann Shin

Liaw Ann Shin

Environmental Studies, Class of 2023

Reusable Container Rental System Team Member

"As an Environmental Studies student, I am deeply passionate about contributing to concrete actions against climate change and being part of the ZWT project has given me a really great opportunity to do this on campus! It has also allowed me to learn more about some of the real challenges that arise when rolling out green initiatives as well as working with other like-minded peers. Overall, it has been a great learning experience for me which I am grateful for."

edric ong

Edric Ong Han Ming

Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2024

PlasticEVO Team Member

"The opportunity and platform that NUS has provided for me to work on my project has been helpful and enriching, through meeting like-minded individuals and having constant feedback to improve and grow."

Sheng lin

Chai Shenglin

Philosophy,Politics and Economics, Class of 2024

Recycle Right Ambassador

"Through our work in ZWT, I am fortunate to be exposed to the multi-faceted issue that is facing us not only in waste management and unsustainable consumption, but in the effort to combat climate change as well. I look forward to translate my learning here toward future prospects both academic and professional."

Foo Shi Wen_photo

Foo Shi Wen

Liberal Arts, Class of 2024

Recycle Right Ambassador

"Through my time with ZWT, I have been able to deepen my understanding of green initiatives. I now have a better grasp on the complex machinery behind processes such as recycling. As a result, I am now better able to understand the challenges and limitations that green initiatives face. In my view, any waste management strategy, however innovative or effective, must first make economic sense."


Thiti Thitipankul

Economics Major, Class of 2024

Recycle Right Ambassador

"Working with the ZWT, I was able to apply my skills in data collection and analysis to evaluate waste management solutions both on and off campus. It was truly a valuable opportunity as it allowed me to better understand NUS’s waste management challenges and the steps being taken to pioneer solutions that can substantially improve sustainability outcomes."

Ryan_Profile Pic

Siew Zhengshuen Ryan

Psychology Major, Class of 2023

Recycle Right Ambassador

"The ZWT showed me how psychology can be applied in subtle but impactful ways to foster behaviour change in recycling and food waste. I am grateful for the opportunities that ZWT gave me to learn about sustainability operations on campus, and to collaborate in green pilots with NUS canteens and external partners. It has been inspiring to work with this goal-driven team!"

Jonathan How (5)

Jonathan How

Founder, Sharetings

NUS Zero Waste Advocate

"As the founder of Sharetings, I am honored to serve as a NUS Zero Waste Advocate. With over 4 years of experience working with ZWT, I have gained a deep understanding of the importance of sustainable consumption. My ambition is to use technology to empower the NUS student community to make more environmentally conscious decisions, reducing waste and carbon emissions, and promoting a cleaner, greener future for all."