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Student Finance

We are responsible for

  • Fee configuration, student billing, financial aid disbursement and fee collection for undergraduates, graduate students and non-graduating students
  • Provision of management reports

Payment Due Dates for Tuition Fee and Miscellaneous Student Fees

Academic Year
Payment Mode
Due Dates
Semester 1
30 August 2019
4 October 2019
Semester 2
31 January 2020
12 February 2020

(a) Semester 1’s Deadline for new GIRO application or change of GIRO Bank Account (Debit Bank Account): 16 August 2019 (for manual GIRO applications) & 30 September 2019 (for DBS online GIRO applications only)
(b) Semester 2’s Deadline for new GIRO application or change of GIRO Bank Account (Debit bank account): 17 January 2020 (for manual GIRO applications) & 6 February 2020 (for online GIRO applications)
See below for FAQs - Available Modes of Payment

GIRO Application

Interbank GIRO is an arrangement where you authorize the Bank to deduct money from your bank account (or your parents’ bank account if the bank account indicated in your GIRO Application Form belongs to your parents) and pay to NUS.

This arrangement requires no further action from you once it has been set up. However, you should ensure there are sufficient funds in the bank account at the time of deduction. To apply for GIRO facility,


What to do

For instant approval and online Application (DBS/POSB account holders only)

Manual Setup

Step 1

Login to: Education Records System (EduRec)

Step 2

Navigate to Homepage > Financials > Manage Student Financials > Manage Bank Accounts

Click on "Apply for GIRO (online setup for DBS/POSB account holders)"

Note: If you would like to apply for GIRO online using a DBS/POSB bank account and the account does not belong to you, please ensure that the account holder is present during the online application. The bank account holder needs to log in with his/her credentials (user ID/PIN or ATM card/PIN). Click here for a detailed step by step guide.

Click on "Apply for GIRO (manual setup)" and input the required information

Note: The GIRO application form will be pre-populated with the information you have keyed in. Proceed to "Print GIRO Application Form" (at "GIRO Account Details" page) for the bank account holder to sign in accordance with the bank's records. For accounts operated by thumbprint, please go to the Bank with your identification. Click here for a detailed step by step guide.

Step 3

Submit the application online by the submission deadlines above

Submit the completed form to the Student Service Centre by the submission deadlines above

How your GIRO application can help other students

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