SBER Guidelines

List of SBER Guidelines for Download

1) Please read the Submission Instructions before proceeding. The review process can be found here.

2) The guidelines are in Microsoft Word format.

3) Please note that all forms and guidelines are only accessible via NUS network for NUS staff and students. If you are off-campus, please connect to VPN first before accessing the the files. VPN link:  





Submission Instructions
NUS Code and Procedures on Research
Research Data Management Policy
Conflict of Interest
Type of Review


SBER Guidelines – IRB Application Form (for Full/Expedited Review)
SBER Guidelines – IRB Exemption Form
Informed Consent


SBER Guidelines – Participant Information Sheet & Consent Form - Revised
Parental / Guardian Consent
Recruitment Materials

SBER Guidelines – Advertisements for Recruitment
Faculty / Student Research by DERC


Ethics Review of Student Research by DERC
Ethics Review of Faculty Research by DERC - New
DERC Template for Reporting to NUS-IRB - Revised
Use of Deception in Research
Lucky Draws
Lucky Draws for Recruitment of Research Participants
Course Credits as Reimbursement Offering Course Credits as Reimbursement to Research Participants - New
Research Compliance Guidelines and Policies

Please click here for the SBER forms.

Note: Guidelines and Forms are accessible to NUS researchers only.

For non-NUS researchers, please contact

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