An amazing turnout at the NUS GRIP Run 5 Lift-Off Day

Meet the Run 5 participants

10 June 2021 – Last Thursday, a record breaking 540 attendees — investors and VCs, corporates, government and institutions from 17 countries — joined us at the NUS GRIP Run 5 Lift-Off Day, a virtual showcase of the 15 brand new deep tech start-ups from the latest GRIP run.

The teams had spent 3 months under the intensive Venture HotHouse, where they developed and fine tuned their research-based innovations into scalable and investible deep tech start-ups, followed by heavy preparations for the Investment Panel and Lift-Off Day. 

The event was kicked off by Prof Freddy Boey, NUS Deputy President (Innovation & Enterprise), who shared plans to strengthen the support for GRIP and other NUS start-ups. This includes a curated CEO list of MBA graduates and retired CEOs who could help to run GRIP start-ups, and bring about higher valuation at an early stage; an early-stage investment fund of about S$100 million beyond NUS direct investment, for NUS start-ups to secure early-stage funding; and to expand the MVP Studio’s Master Engineers team, which helps scientists move their technologies into credible prototypes.

This was followed by the teams pitching and Q&A, where the 15 teams walked the audience through their innovations and business proposals, and had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with interested members of the audience in the networking session after.

The one-to-one meetings were well received, with most of the meeting slots fully booked!

Following Lift-Off Day, the Run 5 start-ups will be further incubated by the University to solidify their footing in the market in the next nine months. We’re excited to further support and watch these teams grow! In fact, one of the start-ups has already been shortlisted as a finalist in The Liveability Challenge! 

Are you interested in discussing potential opportunities with these teams? Please reach out to to be connected to them!

Watch the event here, or click on each team to watch their individual pitches below!

Missed the event? Download the Run 5 Lift-Off Day Teams Booklet and factsheets from our Resources page.

NUS GRIP Run 5 Teams

Click on each team to watch their pitch!

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