Twelve months of support and guidance to create your own deep tech start-up

From providing all the knowledge and skill sets necessary to create their own start-ups, providing the industry linkages to real world problems, to providing the mentorship, funding and other support necessary to take the start-up off the ground. NUS GRIP is a comprehensive step-by-step guidance programme to enable researchers and postgraduate students to transform research into deep technology start-ups.

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Recent graduates? Be paid and trained to create your own start-up using NUS IP.

Why Join the Programme?

Hands-on mentorship by experienced commercial champions​
Step-by-step guidance to start, develop and grow an investible deep tech start-up​
Access to Master Engineers and NUS resources, including labs and prototyping support to build their Minimum Viable Product. ​
Be matched to co-founder with complementary skillsets
Investment funds of up to S$100,000 by NUS​

Who can join?

• PhD Candidates
• Masters students
• Post-Doctoral, Research staff including Research Fellows, Research Scientists, Research Engineers, Research Associates, Research Assistants
• Alumni of the NUS Overseas Colleges programme

The GRIP Experience

A 3-month structured programme to guide the teams through the start-up process, from product and market validation, cost and business analysis, to IP and growth strategies. At the end of this initial 3 months, the teams have received market validation in the form of partnership or sales, and be ready to share their business pitch for initial seed funding.

​The teams will now present their start-ups to the investment panel for up to $100,000 funding from NUS.

A culmination of all the preparation during Venture Hothouse – the teams are now ready to present their start-ups to the world! They will present to Venture Capitalists, incubators, industry players and more for opportunities to secure funding and support, build their networks, and explore possibilities to collaborate!
(9 months incubation) Now that the teams have created the start-ups and secured the initial funding, it’s time to make it work! They will move forward to fine tune their products, find their first customers, secure more funding, down the route to creating the next unicorn based on science!

Are you a founder looking to build a winning team?
Or a talent wanting to get into the thick of start-up action?

Click here to find out about our Founder and Talent Matching initiative!

Upcoming Events

Run 10 Info Session 3 (Online)
29 March 2023
12pm - 1pm
1-on-1 consultation with GRIP
28 Feb - 4 Mar 2022
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8 March 2022
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