Antibody Core Facility


The Life Sciences Institute Antibody Core Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a unique antibody discovery pipeline to produce fully human antibodies for use in therapeutics, diagnostics or research. You retain full ownership of any antibodies we make for you.

We use a holistic approach, taking great care to employ a strategy that is most likely to produce highly specific, high affinity monoclonal antibodies to suit your application. This can only happen by careful consideration of the strategy at the start of each project.

Our experienced research scientists and technicians have particular expertise in tackling some of the more difficult targets.

Our methods range from traditional mouse hybridoma production or combinatorial phage display, to advanced screening methods designed to interrogate human libraries.

Together with high-throughput screening technology, high-yielding, industry standard mammalian expression platforms and advanced antibody engineering, you are assured of receiving antibodies that will do what it says on the tin!

We operate on a cost recovery basis for researchers in NUS and we welcome enquiries from researchers in universities and institutes worldwide, as well as from commercial clients. Please contact us for a free consultation.

We also license antibodies, for research or commercial use, through the NUS Antibody Repository.


  • Custom antibody service
  • Hybridoma sequencing and generation of recombinant antibodies
  • Large scale mammalian expression & purification
  • In vitro and In vivo characterization
  • Antibody Fc engineering, class switching, antibody fragments, bi-specific antibodies
  • Licensing of antibodies from NUS Repository

To enquire more about the services at LSI Antibody Core, you can send in your email to or