University Awards

Young Researcher Award

I hope to make basic science discoveries related to how our immune system detects and responds to pathogens, which can be translated into meaningful improvements in human health. Assoc Prof Ashley Lauren ST JOHN
PhD (Duke University)
BSc (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases, Duke-NUS Medical School
Department of Microbiology and Immunology, NUS Medicine
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  • Identified promising therapeutic targets for preventing immune pathology that occurs during viral haemorrhagic fever
  • Identified a mechanism through which maternal Immunoglobulin E is translocated from the mother to the foetus, which could promote immune responses during allergic and infectious diseases
  • Unveiled a novel mechanism of vertical transmission of Zika virus infection and demonstrated that maternal immunity and antibodies to dengue virus can lead to enhanced infection in the foetuses of Zika-infected mothers
  • Determined the mechanisms leading to protective cross-reactive immune responses to viral pathogens and their vaccines
  • Identified a class of drugs that can block vascular leakage during dengue infection, that has progressed into a clinical trial to test the novel therapeutic strategy for dengue
  • Pioneered the discovery of the role of mast cells in immunosurveillance of dengue virus
  • Garnered $8.8 million research grants from the National Research Council of Singapore, Ministry of Education, US Department of Defense and other funding agencies
  • Discoveries have led to six patents and patent applications filed, with one licensed to industry on the diagnosis of severe dengue
  • Published 44 papers in peer-reviewed biomedical research journals under Duke-NUS Medical School, with over 3,000 citations. These publications include Science, Science Advances and Nature Communications
  • Co-editor for the 2020 “host-pathogens” section in Current Opinion in Immunology (2019)
  • Consulting Editor for the Journal of Clinical Investigation (since 2012)
  • Reviewer for more than 45 peer-reviewed journals, and funding agencies including the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, Qatar National Research Fund, French National Research Agency, the US Department of Defense, and Wellcome Trust
  • Regular speaker at international conferences and lectures
  • Recipient of New Investigator Grant, National Medical Research Council of Singapore (2011)
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