University Awards

Teaching Academy

The NUS Teaching Academy was established on 24 April 2009 to promote excellence in teaching and learning, and to enhance the teaching environment within the University. It has emerged over the years as a platform for engagement at various levels, facilitating interactions between the university and faculties; between various departments; and between individual teachers. The Academy aims to bring fresh ideas and insights to education as well as to contribute to educational policies and processes at NUS.

  • Pursuing teaching and learning innovations
  • Fostering a balanced culture of educational and research excellence

To engage every section of the NUS community in transforming the educational landscape of the University.

Its aims and purposes are as follows:

  • To foster a balanced culture of educational and research excellence, and to underscore the University’s commitment to quality education
  • To provide a platform to engage outstanding teachers, enabling them to share their expertise and develop new pedagogies
  • To recognise members of the NUS community who have maintained a high level of teaching excellence and have helped raise the quality of NUS education
  • To enhance quality assurance and serve as a benchmark for excellence in teaching and learning

The Teaching Academy is composed of excellent teachers who have made significant contributions to education at NUS. Known as Fellows, they work together to further the vision, mission and aims of the Academy. Fellows engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning; serve on university-level committees; review existing processes related to teaching and learning; advise university management; organise various programmes, including masterclasses, mentorship schemes and outreach activities; and act as ambassadors and connectors for teaching and learning matters within and beyond NUS.