University Awards

Young Researcher Award

I am interested in the European Renaissance as an age that looks backward and forward: by retrieving, redefining, and transforming classical antiquity, humanists fractured the medieval cosmos and forged a global modernity. Assoc Prof Andrew HUI
PhD (Princeton University)
BA (St John’s College, Annapolis)
Division of Humanities, Yale-NUS College
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  • Classical traditions of European early modern culture
  • Global Renaissance
  • Allegory, history of ideas, philology, materiality and metaphysics of texts, aesthetics and wonder, slow reading, analogue humanities
  • Publishes across Latin, Romance, English and Chinese cultures on texts and images that reach out from the deep past and speak to
    the present
  • Offered a renewed cultural philology for understanding the fundamental theme of survival in the classical tradition at large
  • Constructed an explanatory model of how authors from Europe and China, ancient and modern, secular and religious, use the microform of the aphorism to convey their deepest meanings
  • Author of two books, A Theory of the Aphorism from Confucius to Twitter (2019), and The Poetics of Ruins in Renaissance
  • Published eight sole-authored papers in internationally refereed journals including New Literary History (forthcoming), Erasmus Studies (2018), Journal of the History of Ideas (2017), Modern Language Quarterly (2017), Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies (2015) and Renaissance Drama (2013) with four highly cited papers in Web of Science
  • Obtained eight citations with a Hirsch index of 2
  • Published book chapters “Voice, Writing, and the Ovidian Play of Signs in Titus Andronicus” in Ovid’s Metamorphoses in English Poetry; and “Texts, Monuments, and the Desire for Immortality” in Moment to Monument
  • Invited speaker at international conferences and lectures at prestigious universities including Stanford, Yonsei, Princeton, Yale, Freie Universität Berlin, Oxford and Emory
  • Awarded an innovation grant by the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Yale-NUS College to produce the undergraduate publication Dante Journal of Singapore (2017)
  • Berenson Fellowship, Villa I Tatti, Harvard University Center for Renaissance Studies, Florence (2017)
  • Residential Fellowship, Fondation Hardt pour l'étude de l'antiquité classique, Geneva (2017)
  • Brian Crawford Fellowship, Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Studies, London (2015)
  • Visiting Fellowship, Centre for the Study of the Book, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford (2015)
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