University Awards
As far as I can remember, I have always had an immense curiosity about Nature and a strong desire to understand its beauty and richness. Till this day, my curiosity continues driving me to explore and discover, and I cannot imagine myself being anything else but a researcher. Assoc Prof Dagomir KASZLIKOWSKI
PhD, MSc, BSc (University of Gdańsk)
Department of Physics and Centre for Quantum Technologies
  • Foundational aspects of quantum theory
  • Multipartite entanglement and its connection to thermodynamic properties of many-body systems
  • Entanglement extraction from complex systems and its manipulations
  • Classification of many body states as a resource for universal quantum computing
  • Contributed to deriving a new physical principle known as Information Causality that appeared in top journal Nature and promises to lead to a completely new understanding of quantum theory
  • Helped advance the understanding of coherent quantum phenomena and how the governing fundamental laws of physics can be harnessed to dramatically improve the acquisition, transmission and processing of information
  • Credited for shedding light on fundamental issues in quantum theory, some of which may impact areas such as computation, information technology and the development of new materials
  • Demonstrated a promising link between many-body entanglement theory and phase transitions in some physical models such as Heisenberg chain and the Bose-Einstein condensate that may lead to systems capable of performing certain computations more quickly and efficiently than classical computers
  • Transcends boundaries of disciplines, geography and cultures by collaborating extensively with scientists from diverse disciplines from leading universities and laboratories worldwide
  • Over 50 papers published in international peer-reviewed journals, with most in super tier and top tier journals, and over 600 citations received
  • Internationally recognised as a leading researcher in the field of quantum information science
  • Referee for leading international journals such as Physical Review Letters, Physical Review A and Journal of Physics A
  • Faculty Young Scientist Award (2009)
  • National Science Award, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore (2006)
  • Scholarship for Young Scientists, Foundation for Polish Science (2000)
  • Scholarship for Outstanding PhD students, Foundation for University of Gdańsk (1999)
"To contribute to the conception of the world's first working quantum computer in Singapore."
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