University Awards
A researcher needs aspiration, determination, patience and God’s blessing to achieve the ultimate goals. Prof Neal CHUNG Tai-Shung
PhD (State University of New York);
MSc (National Taiwan University);
BSc (Chung Yuan Christian University)
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
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  • Membrane science and technology for clean water and clean energy applications, pharmaceutical separation and carbon dioxide capture
  • Nanotechnology and nanocomposites
  • Designed at the molecular level the world’s most advanced forward osmosis, pressure-retarded osmosis and membrane distillation membranes for water reuse and desalination
  • Co-invented and commercialised the award-winning Hyflux Kristal 600TM ultra-filtration membranes for water recycling and wastewater treatment, an innovation offering reliable and consistent strict filtration used in among the world’s largest water plant projects
  • Pioneer in designing membranes with aquaporin – proteins that allow water to pass through but not large molecules and salt – a promising technology that could raise the viability of desalinated water
  • Created novel membranes far more superior at separating hydrogen and carbon dioxide than existing ones, opening up immense possibilities for the production of clean energy from hydrogen and the capture of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide
  • Seminal findings have been translated into 30 patents, including eight US patents
  • Consistently secures generous funding from governments, industry and universities
  • Innovative, creative and unafraid of venturing into uncharted territory to discover new membrane materials and applications
  • Outstanding ability to bridge academic research and real-world needs
  • Published over 560 original papers in internationally refereed journals with a staggering 16,600 citations received, as well as 350 conference papers, 18 book chapters and one book
  • Serves as Subject Editor of Chemical Engineering Research and Design, and as an editorial board member of more than 16 leading journals, such as Journal of Membrane Science and Chemical Engineering Journal
  • External reviewer of 250 papers each year for international journals, including prestigious journals like Nature and Science
  • Sought-after expert by governments and universities around the world
  • Presented numerous keynote and invited talks at multiple international and prestigious conferences around the world
  • Underwood Medal for Exceptional Research in Separations, Institution of Chemical Engineers in the United Kingdom (2014)
  • Global Innovation Award, TechConnect World 2014
  • Fellow, Academy of Engineering Singapore (2012)
  • Provost's Chair Professorship, NUS (2011)
  • Engineering Research Leadership Award, NUS Faculty of Engineering (2011)
  • Award for Excellence and Innovation in Sustainable Technology, Institution of Chemical Engineers in Singapore (2010)
  • Hyflux-Singapore National Institute of Chemistry Award in Environmental Chemistry (2010)
  • Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award, Institution of Engineers Singapore (2010)
  • Innovation and Excellence Award in Energy (Highly Commended), Institution of Chemical Engineers in the United Kingdom (2009)
  • Innovation and Excellence Award in Water Management and Supply (Highly Commended), Institution of Chemical Engineers in the United Kingdom (2009)
"To develop novel membranes for separations for the benefit of society."
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