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University Research Recognition Award

To further develop the field of lipidomics. First, on technical terms towards applications such as individualised tracking in health and disease. Second, to explore novel concepts for better understanding of lipid diversity and function. Prof Markus R WENK
PhD, Dip (Biozentrum University of Basel)
Department of Biochemistry
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  • Novel approaches in systems scale analysis of lipids and their interactors ("lipidomics")
  • Recognised as one of the thought-leading scholars in lipid sciences worldwide
  • Distinguished contributions and achievements in lipid sciences, in particular for the outstanding development of lipidomic methods, based on mass spectrometry
  • Established the Singapore Lipidomics Incubator (SLING) at NUS, an interdisciplinary programme that is dedicated to innovation, education and partnership in lipidomics
  • Published more than 260 papers in scientific publications with major impact on conceptual advancements in lipid sciences, including his most recent paper titled "MS-based lipidomics of human blood plasma: a community-initiated position paper to develop accepted guidelines" in the Journal of Lipid Research
  • Achieved a Hirsch index of 66 and Scopus/SciVal of 2.44
  • Executive editor of Progress in Lipid Research (Elsevier) and Encyclopedia of Lipidomics (Springer)
  • Editorial board member of Nature Scientific Data, Journal of Lipid Research and Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry
  • Widely sought-after speaker at major international conferences
  • Scientific advisor to numerous national and international research councils, foundations, consortia and institutes
  • Founder and organiser of the International Singapore Lipid Symposium
  • European Lipid Science Award, European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids (2018)
  • Provost’s Chair Professorship, NUS Medicine (2016)
  • National Research Foundation Investigator (2015)
  • Program Grant (2015) and Fellow (1998), The Human Frontier Science Program
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