University Awards
As an Australian educated in Europe moving from an American university to Asia, I consider myself   'global' – yet I also know that one idea can be seen in many different ways from diverse perspectives. Prof Simon CHESTERMAN
D.Phil (University of Oxford); LL.B. (Hons), B.A. (Hons) (University of Melbourne)
Faculty of Law and NYU@NUS Programm
  • International law, organisations and global governance
  • Intervention, state-building and post-conflict reconstruction
  • Regulation and oversight of intelligence services
  • Published definitive works on the law and practice of the United Nations (UN) and the role of its Secretary-General
  • Author of leading books on international law, humanitarian intervention and state-building, widely reviewed by publications including The New York Review of Books, The Economist, the American Journal of International Law and The Modern Law Review
  • Engaged by the UN to evaluate its Security Council Affairs Division, and called on by the Government of Austria to craft a report on the Council, later circulated as a UN document in all its official languages
  • Invited by governments in Europe and North America to review their international policies
  • Principal investigator for grants amounting to over US$2 million awarded by governments, national research councils and foundations around the world
  • Uncommon versatility in combining practical experience and theoretical rigour to produce work that is not only academically sound but also policy-relevant
  • Author of six books and editor of six more; 49 journal articles, 40 book chapters, 17 book reviews, and dozens of mass media opinion pieces
  • Widely regarded as being among the world's leading experts on the UN, particularly its Security Council
  • Founding editor of the new Asian Journal of International Law, co-editor of the Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, and editorial board member of leading international journals such as Global Governance, The Hague Journal on the Rule of Law and Security Dialogue
  • External reviewer of grant proposals for government research councils, book manuscripts for university presses and articles for leading international journals
  • Regularly invited to speak at major international conferences, such as the American Society of International Law's Annual Meeting and the 2009 World Bank Headline Seminar
  • Residency, Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Study and Conference Centre (2003)
  • Certificate of Merit, American Society of International Law (2002)
  • Dasturzada Dr Jal Pavry Memorial Prize, University of Oxford (2000)
  • Rhodes Scholar (1997)
  • Supreme Court Prize, Victoria, Australia (1997)
"To understand and help shape the ways in which international norms can encourage us to do the right thing – or at least make it harder to do the wrong thing, or nothing at all."
 Honour Roll Recipients