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Dr Chan Taizan

Chief Data Officer

+65 6516 3696

Dr Chan Taizan is the inaugural Chief Data Officer at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he leads the Office of Data and Intelligence (ODI) in harnessing data and analytics to produce strategic insights for the University.

Dr Chan joined NUS in 2016 as Director of Research and Education Analytics, a prelude to his current role as Chief Data Officer. He leads the ODI in supporting the University’s senior management, as well as stakeholders from various functional units within and outside the University, with data-driven insights. He also oversees regular and ad-hoc reporting, producing precise analytics to support immediate decision-making, as well as larger-scale data strategy projects to enable strategic decision-making and monitoring. Together with his team, Dr Chan supports the University’s data literacy initiative, which aims to empower its administrative staff with basic data analytics skills, and fosters cross-departmental collaborations on reporting, analytics and visualisation projects.

Dr Chan is an alumnus of NUS. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, a Master of Science in Computer Science, and a PhD in Computer Science and Information Systems at NUS. He was a Senior Lecturer at Queensland University of Technology from 1997, before returning to NUS in 2016.