Alumni Groups are part of the NUS ecosystem in carrying on the alumni spirit and legacy. The Office of Alumni Relations helps alumni stay connected with their alma mater through Alumni Groups’ activities - providing support for them to engage their members

There are 69 Alumni Groups, made up of Faculty-/School-/Department-based, Hostel-based and Interest-based groups. Join an Alumni Group and reconnect with old friends by clicking on the buttons or using the search filters below.






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Alumni Group FAQ

1) How do I set up an Alumni Group?
Contact your Colleges/Faculty/School/Hostel/Department for advice. If you would like to start an interest-based alumni group that is not limited to a particular Colleges/Faculty/School/Hostel/Departments, contact the Office of Alumni Relations.

2) What are the requirements for an Alumni Group?
Alumni Groups are required to have a minimum membership of 30, an executive committee, a clear outline of the group's goals and succession plan in place.

3) What kind of support is available?
A wide range of support is offered by Colleges/Faculties/Schools/Hostels/Departments. The Office of Alumni Relations offers funding support based on milestone years, this includes the year of graduation and every subsequent fifth year.

For more queries, please contact us via 6516 5775 or email us at

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