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Workplace Safety, Health and Fire Safety Workshop Series (Nov 2021)

The Workplace Safety, Health and Fire Safety Workshop Series is organised by the NUS Alumni Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Society.

The objectives of the workshop series are to re-visit the safety fundamentals in common safety programs and practices to reveal the crucial factors involved in the implementation phase that may pre-determine the successes or failures of those programs or practices.

26 Nov 2021
6.30pm - 9.20pm
NUS Alumni SHE Society
Ms Molly Yuan
9039 9668

Event Details

Topic 1: Kitchen Fire Crisis
By Ms Ann Chai

Sharing on various types of kitchen fire detection systems commonly found in the marketplace and some of the preventable potential kitchen fire hazards found in home and commercial kitchens.

Topic 2: Danger in the Thrill: Safety Management in the Entertainment Industry
By Dr Loh Tzu Yang

Sharing on some of the challenges and effective approaches to managing safety in the entertainment industry.

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Terms & Conditions

  • This workshop is free and welcomes all SHE practitioners.
  • Due to administrative issues, CPD-points will only be awarded to members of NUS Alumni SHE Society.
    • WSH-SDU (WSH Officer): 3 points per workshop

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