Held on 18–19 February 2023

Schedule: Day 2

Sessions on Day 2 will be around the potential use of Malay dance in other sectors such as social services, healthcare, and wellness.

Sessions may be held in a mixture of English and Malay


The Use of Malay Dance in a Wisma Geylang Serai Community Project

45 min — 35 min sharing / 10 min Q&A

Sharing by Osman Abdul Hamid and Azrin Abdul Rahim on their experience working with the community on their Wisma Geylang Serai project. Sharing includes observations noted and challenges faced related to using Malay Dance in a community project.

Moderated by:  Melissa Quek



15 min


Movement and Therapy: The Probody Artmaking Lab

60 min — 45 min sharing / 15 min Q&A

Sharing by Assoc. Prof. Liang Peilin on her work: the Probody Artmaking Lab. In the sharing, Prof. Liang will discuss:

  • Distinction between therapeutic art vs therapy
  • Insights of working with different bodies and different histories of body
  • Connection between ‘craft’ and ‘crowd’ and how that leads to tailoring the craft for a specific crowd.

Tea Break

15 min


Roundtable Discussion: the Use of Dance in Sectors Outside of the Arts

90 min — 70 min discussions / 20 min Q&A

A roundtable discussion on the growing interest of using dance in other sectors and the resources needed when using dance to connect with communities. Panellists include:

  • Charmaine Tan, Sr Assistant Director – Agency for Integrated Care
  • Dr. Vivien Wu, Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS
  • Patrick Piay, Assistant Director, NAC Community & Engagement
  • Edwin Wee, Artistic Director – Decadance Co.
  • Hasyimah Harith, Co-Founder & Company Manager – P7:1SMA

Facilitated by Assoc. Prof. Liang Peilin, Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature


Workshop: Movement Strategies That Can Be Used With Malay Dance

120 min — Breakout sessions

Hands-on movement exploration session on how to apply the skill sets and knowledge learned during the morning sessions using Malay Dance as the language and tool. Participants are divided into two breakout sessions.

Breakout session 1 with:
Osman Abdul Hamid & Edwin Wee

Breakout session 2 with:
Assoc. Prof. Liang Peilin & Hasyimah Harith


Tea Break

15 min


Group Debrief

45 min

Group debrief where participants share results of their explorations with the other attendees.

With Osman Abdul Hamid, Edwin Wee, Hasyimah Harith
Moderated by Assoc. Prof Liang Peilin


Wrap Up and Closing

15 min

Summary of the discussions observed and insights learned in the Day 2 of the Symposium.

With Osman Abdul Hamid, Edwin Wee, Hasyimah Harith
Moderated by Assoc. Prof Liang Peilin