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Core Strengths

Centre Facilities

Centre Facilities

Key Projects

Biomedical – Implants (In-Vivo)

Lattice Orthopaedic Plates

Lattice orthopaedic plates allow users and manufacturers to manipulate the young's modulus of the plate by adjusting the lattice structure, while maintaining sufficient strength of the plates. The design can be altered by the user by removing unnecessary holes and placing the holes at optimized fixation locations.

Lattice Orthopaedic Plates Lattice Orthopaedic Plates
Biomedical – Prosthetic (Ex-Vivo)

Saving Great Pied Hornbill

The casque (horn) of the Great Pied Hornbill is infected by a type of cancer disease. Caretakers from the Jurong Bird Park have contacted AM.NUS to help this near- threatened species to restore its casque using 3D-printed prosthesis.

Saving Great Pied Hornbill

3D-Printed Bird's Shoes

3D-printed bird’s shoes protect the eagle from getting bruises and other wounds on their feet.

3D-Printed Bird Shoes3D-Printed Bird Shoes3D-Printed Bird Shoes

Dynamic Traction Splint for PIPJ-DFD

Proximal interphalangeal joint fracture and dislocation (PIPJ-DFD) is a common type of fractures associated with fingers. The dynamic traction splint provides a treatment to avoid complications such as permanent loss of joint function and chronic pain that can potentially arise.

Dynamic Traction Splint for PIPJ-DFD
Biomedical – Education Model

3D-Printed Heart Model

3D printed heart models help clinicians visualize complex anatomy for preoperative planning, procedural simulation, intraoperative reference, patient education and medical education.

3D-Printed Heart Model3D-Printed Heart Model

3D-Printed Dental Simulator for Education

3D printed simulators for wisdom tooth extraction are used in the Oral Surgery curriculum before the students start their clinics. The case models can be printed for surgery planning and practising before operating on live patient.

3D-Printed Dental Simulator for Education3D-Printed Dental Simulator for Education3D-Printed Dental Simulator for Education3D-Printed Dental Simulator for Education3D-Printed Dental Simulator for Education