ALSET webinar w/ Dana Alzoubi (Iowa State)

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Designing TEACHActive Feedback Dashboard Using a Human-Centered Approach

Friday 28 May 2021 - 10:00-11:00 am

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Effective implementation of evidence-based pedagogical strategies is key to improving teaching and learning. Instructors need innovative opportunities for frequent observation, feedback, and reflection on the use of their pedagogical approaches. Learning analytics dashboards are a new wave of innovative technology illustrating data visualizations. Dashboards are designed to amplify the perceptual capabilities to improve instructors’ decision-making and reflection while increasing awareness about the learning process. In this research, we design an automated feedback dashboard, TEACHActive, that outputs visualizations from an automated sensing observation system, EduSense, in engineering classrooms. TEACHActive dashboard provides automated feedback on the in-class implementation of active learning pedagogical strategies. These visualizations illustrate metrics such as frequency of hand raises, instructor speech, student speech, and behavioral engagement indicators. We used a human-centered approach to design the different prototypes of the dashboard. Our human-centered design approach included techniques such as creating personas, conducting user interviews, and implementing user walk-through sessions.I will present the human-centered approach used for the TEACHActive prototype development process with illustrative prototypes.

by Dana Alzoubi. I am a third-year Ph.D. student in Educational Technology at Iowa State University. "I hold a Master’s in STEM education, a Maîtrise postgraduate degree in Biochemistry, and a Bachelor’s in Chemistry. My research lies at the intersection of learning sciences, educational technology, and human-computer interaction – three fields that inform my work on the role of technology, specifically teaching and learning analytics, in improving learning environments. My current work aims to examine how instructors’ teaching strategies and methodologies may be informed and improved by interpreting data visualizations (i.e., dashboards) in both in-class and online environments. More specifically, I aim to examine how instructors make sense of data visualizations from learning analytics dashboards, reflect on them, and take actions accordingly. I co-designed and taught the course “Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship in Learning Technologies,” which is offered for preservice teachers minoring in Learning Technologies. I also have worked as an instructional designer and teaching assistant for different online graduate and undergraduate level courses during the past three years. My previous work experience includes being a teacher and a coordinator of subjects, including physical science, biology, and chemistry (Grades 7- 12) in American and Lebanese programs for 8+ years. I have also served for five years as an international coordinator at the British Council and an advisor at the Model United Nations.

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