NUSS Professorship Lecture with Professor Lim Chwee Teck

14 November

My Experience as a Deep Tech Entrepreneur

The NUSS Professorship Lecture was established in 1995 to fund eminent professors from different disciplines to share their knowledge with the NUS community and general public. Professor Lim Chwee Teck (Engineering ’90), from the NUS Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Principal Investigator at the Mechanobiology Institute, is the first NUS professor to be conferred the NUSS Professorship.

More than 70 NUSS members and guests attended the recent lecture moderated by Mr Tong Hsien-Hui (Engineering ’98), NUSS Vice President and NUSS Intellectual Pursuits Subcommittee Chairperson, held on 14 November 2018 at the NUSS Kent Ridge Guild House. Prof Lim, co-founder of seven technopreneurship and start-ups, shared that deep tech itself is applicable in any industry and entrepreneurship in deep tech is all about building a business around technological innovations or breakthroughs. 

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