Issue 116 | Jan-Mar 2019

A Night at the Opera

Backstage enthralled a full-house audience with a behind-the-scenes peek at a traditional Cantonese artform.

The Monkey King (Mr Tsai Chih-Wei) and the General (Mr Au Kim-Ying) in action.
For the very first time, Hong Kong-based Spring Glory Cantonese Opera Workshop brought their marquee production Backstage to Singapore, led by the renowned Maestro Professor Yuen Siu-Fai. For one night only on 9 October 2018 at the University Cultural Centre Theatre, the audience which included NUS alumni got to experience what happens backstage at a Cantonese opera through modern storytelling. The production also included an interactive segment with the audience, and introduced a new way of appreciating Hong Kong’s traditional art with exquisite costumes, elegant body movements and spectacular martial arts routines, as well as through Nanyin, the Southern Chinese musical form.
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