Issue 118 | Jul-Sep 2019

How Conversational AI Transforms the Way We Work

Have you ever asked questions on an online chat, say, on a banking or shopping website? If you have, you have probably experienced Artificial Intelligence (AI) if the ‘person’ you were chatting with was a Chatbot.

Mr Wong Hong Ting (Science ’10), Founder and Director of Botbot.AI and an expert at productisation, fundraising, software consultancy and business strategy shared with more than 100 alumni who attended the workshop, on how the workforce can focus on high-cognition tasks that have more value and impact with AI taking over low value, menial, repetitive and transactional tasks. Attendees also learned the key considerations in building more effective, reliable and service-oriented Chatbots.


Creating Machines That Can See
Tech Talk
21 Aug, 7.30pm
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