Issue 119 | Oct-Dec 2019

Creating Machines That Can See

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the buzzword these days, and computer vision – the science of making computers see, analyse and understand images and videos – is a subset of AI.

This technology is already being widely used in society and the workforce.

On 21 August, participants learned more about computer vision from Dr Tian Jing (Lecturer and Consultant, Artificial Intelligence Practice, Institute of Systems Science, NUS) and its uses in industries such as manufacturing, construction, security, environmental, financial, transport and logistics etc. Dr Tian also shared on the concerns regarding computer vision such as privacy and bias.

Some uses of computer vision:

  • Detection of defective items in manufacturing lines
  • Facial recognition
  • Detection of high-rise littering
  • Monitoring of food wastage in commercial kitchens
  • Improvement of property value estimates
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