The Health & Wellbeing Team


Dr. Andrew Epaphroditus Tay, Director

Andrew is the Head and Director of the Health & Wellbeing team. In his current role, he leads and drives the University’s health and wellbeing strategies to enhance the resilience of the employees.

As a graduate of the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, Andrew’s career in medicine took an interesting turn when he took up various roles in prominent global companies in the private sector such as Facebook as Asia Pacific Regional Benefits Consultant and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) as Director for Health and Wellbeing, before returning to his alma mater to serve in his current role.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys playing bass guitar in a live band and mixing cocktails at home.


Ms. Joanne Hong, Team Manager

As a team manager, Joanne supports the Health & Wellbeing team in realising the University’s goal of achieving optimal health and wellbeing for both staff and students.

Joanne has 10 years of experience as an operations administrator in the public healthcare setting, where she supported various Heads in providing for the operational and staff welfare needs for the department. She believes that it is important to take care of staff wellbeing to cultivate a happy workforce that will be physically, mentally and socially ready to deliver and perform well.

In her spare time, she enjoys exploring Singapore capturing beautiful moments through the camera lens and engaging in activities such as swimming, cycling and badminton with her children.


Ms. Katherine Koh, Consultant (Organisational Psychologist)

As a Consultant, Organisational Psychologist in the Health & Wellbeing team, Katherine's goal is to help build more inclusive and safe workplaces where employees feel supported and can thrive to reach their fullest potential.

In her work, she has managed, designed and implemented numerous workplace mental health programmes, frameworks and resources across the community and corporate sectors, in a multitude of industries.

She enjoys going on scenic walks, good coffee and may or may not be a little too obsessed with her cat, Lily.


Ms. Justine Teo, Branding and Communications Manager

Justine believes that a curious mindset backed by an empathetic listening ear can help with the understanding of the target audience’s interactions with a brand.

With a background in creatives and visuals, marketing, brands and social media, she is looking forward to helping spread the word about health and wellbeing. She feels that everyone is deserving of the resources to help them realise their own fullest potential.

When not at work, Justine can be found working hard to serve the whims and fancies of her cat overlord.


Ms. Linda Lizeth Tirado Escobosa, Programme Manager

Hailing from Mexico, Linda was first trained as a biomedical engineer. Before coming to Singapore to pursue her Masters of Public Health at NUS, she spent five years in the Mexican public healthcare sector.

In her three years working in Singapore, Linda is grateful to have the opportunity to combine her interest in leading a healthy lifestyle with her public health training in managing NUS’ programmes.

Linda especially enjoys interacting with people, hearing different perspectives and understanding different ways of life. She also enjoys exploring different cultures with all of her five senses in her free time.


Ms. Nakeisha Tan, Programme Manager

First trained as a multimedia designer, fate and curiosity brought Nakeisha into business administration and analytics in the education and healthcare industry. She believes that the quality of our lives depends on the quality of our relationships, and looks forward to contributing to the design, implementation and management of workplace well-being programmes that are impactful and sustainable.

When not glued to the computer, she is buried nose deep in anything that piqued her interest, picking up new skills and being a lap-chair to her cat.

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Dr. Charmaine Lim, Lead, Special Projects

Trained as a clinical psychologist, Charmaine strongly believes in providing quality, accessible mental health care. For the past 8 years, Charmaine has been journeying with her clients to alleviate their distress and support them in rediscovering their strengths. She is excited to be part of a dynamic team bringing about change in workplace mental health care.

In her spare time, Charmaine repeatedly tries (and fails) to cultivate a herb garden.


Mr. John Leow, Senior Special Projects Care Manager

Trained as a Counsellor, John had worked in several agencies within the Social Services sector as a Counsellor and Case Manager. For the past ten years, John has supported clients with a wide range of challenges and has helped clients manage them effectively. John strongly believes in empowering clients to discover their strengths to overcome their challenges and helping them achieve the optimal level of overall wellness.

John is passionate about Mental Wellness and the Return to Work programme. He is excited to be part of the team to help support the client in distress to continue leading a meaningful life despite the circumstances.

John enjoys spending quality time with his family and hunting for local delicacies during his spare time.

Mr. Muhamad Haikel Bin Mohamed, Special Projects Care Manager

Mr. Muhamad Haikel Bin Mohamed, Special Projects Care Manager

Trained as a social worker, counsellor, adult educator and nurse, Haikel has served local and international communities. He has previously worked on capacity building, casework and counselling as well as disaster relief and peace-time missions with organisations like Singapore Red Cross and Mercy Relief.

Passionate about mental health, Haikel has developed and provided training in psychosocial support. In his work, he has also provided mentorship and guidance to psychological first aid trainers and facilitators. He aspires to empower individuals and communities in their journeys to achieve optimal mental wellness.

On any ordinary day, he enjoys a cup of teh tarik (milk tea) or bubble tea somewhere while gaming or reading.


Dr. Kinjal Doshi, Lead Psychologist & Senior Wellbeing Specialist Partner

As Lead Psychologist & Senior Wellbeing Specialist Partner, Kinjal provides leadership in developing and implementing health and wellbeing services at NUS in partnership with other providers on campus.

She also manages and supervises our team of health and well-being specialists. Kinjal has 8 years of specialized experience as a clinical and health psychologist in the public healthcare setting performing assessments and providing therapy. She has led cluster-wide wellness programs, outlined well-being frameworks, and developed web-based learning tools as a strong advocate for mental health and well-being.

Kinjal also enjoys her role as an experienced research mentor and clinical supervisor. As a mental health specialist, Kinjal emphasizes whole-person health, and works collaboratively with individuals to empower them to maximize their quality of life and function across the various life stages and challenges.

Her spare time is spent playing and listening to music as well as engaging with nature.


Ms. Rudhralekha G Kovalakrishnan (Ruth), Clinic Manager

As a trained Nurse from both Singapore and Australia, Ruth has worked with the expat community in a private clinic setting over the last seven years. A skilled phlebotomist and a passionate Nurse who believes compassion and empathy are key components of being a healthcare worker. She is excited to be a part of a dynamic team with diverse experiences.

Ruth enjoys binge-watching Netflix series, cafe hopping, and travelling in her spare time.

Mr. Desmond Soh, Wellbeing Specialist Partner

Mr. Desmond Soh, Wellbeing Specialist Partner

Trained as a Clinical Psychologist, by co-creating a safe and non-judgemental space, Desmond takes an integrative approach to therapy and works towards collaboratively building a therapeutic relationship that empowers clients. He advocates for mental health well being and looks to discover with clients what it means to be human.

Like many others, he enjoys video games, time to himself as well as cooking.

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Dr. Celeste Teo, Wellbeing Specialist Partner

Celeste is a clinical psychologist with interests in staff wellbeing and inclusion, behaviour change, implementation science and coproduction. She is passionate about empowering people to get the very best out of their present situation.

Celeste has worked in the primary care, inpatient, community, and public health/policy sector both in the U.K and Singapore. Her work involved delivering therapies drawing on evidence-based practices to help the person work towards their desired outcomes. She has also provided consultations for organisations applying psychological insights and behaviour change strategies in different contexts (e.g. gender-based violence, vaccination uptake, equality & diversity strategy).

Outside of work, Celeste enjoys exploring museums, watching theatre shows and hiking. She strives to live an environmentally conscious life.


Ms. Jeanie Chu, Wellbeing Specialist Partner

Jeanie is a clinical psychologist who believes in enhancing and empowering individuals to mitigate challenges and utilise potentials to achieve their best in all aspects of life.

Prior to her current engagement, Jeanie has worked in various psychological settings such as the ministry, hospitals, community, and private clinics with a diverse population. In her clinical work experiences, she provided individual and group assessments and therapies across a spectrum of different conditions. Besides clinical work, she was also involved in evidence-based clinical research such as designing and implementing psychological assessment tools and programs, providing consultations, talks, and workshops to organisations, and participating in social media events and interviews to enhance public mental health awareness. Trained in multiple psychological skills and approaches, Jeanie adopts a non-directive, eclectic and holistic approach in her psychology practices.

In line with her psychology practice, Jeanie believes in mind-body connection. She leads an active lifestyle and enjoys a variety of workouts such as running, spinning, boxing and hot yoga. She also spreads her love and passion through yoga teaching and body combat classes, with the hope of enhancing the well-being of others physically, mentally and emotionally.


Mr. Jesudas S/O Soundhraj, Wellbeing Specialist Partner

As a psychologist, Jesudas has worked in both the social service and private sectors. In his practice, Jesudas believes and respects the individuality that each person brings to therapy. He also believes in helping clients create and understand their own narratives, so as to help them understand their struggles better.

In his free time, he spends time reading and enjoys hiking as well.