What is NUS Giving?

As a global leader in university philanthropy, NUS Giving is delivering sustainable impact and realising possibilities.

We build enduring relationships with our donors to seed and grow transformational opportunities that create a ripple effect of progress through our communities and the world, transforming lives and empowering change.

We are future-making as we empower students to achieve their fullest potential, give future leaders and changemakers the opportunity to learn from the best through world-class academic and research programmes, and enable the foremost minds of today to solve the problems of tomorrow through innovative research.

NUS Giving Has a New Look!

Winner of the Transform Awards Asia 2021 for the best visual identity, by a charity, NGO or NFP, the new brand identity uses a seed icon to represent the brand theme ‘Seeds of Change’. The seed motif is universally recognised and illustrates the metaphor of giving to create growth and change.

At NUS Giving, we are not just fundraising; we are future-making as we give future leaders and changemakers a platform to not only learn, but also the opportunity to solve the problems of tomorrow.


You have the power to create transformational opportunities. Are you ready to change lives for the better?