Commencement Class Giving 2023




What Is Commencement Class Giving?

Since 2007, over 23,000 graduating students have made gifts to the Commencement Class Giving programme to help support their juniors in financial need. Together, they have raised over S$1.7M.

2023 marks the 17th year of NUS’ Commencement Class Giving tradition. Each year, the graduating class makes a parting gift to the next generation of students.

By contributing to a greater cause, they collectively support juniors who are facing financial challenges and enrich campus life for all. You can play a part by giving to the NUS Enhanced Financial Aid Scheme.

As you celebrate your graduation, we invite you to make a symbolic class gift of S$23. You can help a student reach graduation, just as you have.

Thank you, Class of 2023!

Donors from the Class of 2023 who make a gift of at least S$20 will receive an exclusive NUS Giving lapel pin.

It can be collected from the NUS Development Office during office hours upon verification of gift receipt/email acknowledgement. Please kindly email us at to arrange for your collection.  


Being a Class Champion helped me to remember that we, as students, have benefitted from a very transformative experience, and that no freshman should be held back from a full experience just because of financial circumstances.

Ms Jaymee Justiniano ('21)

2021 Champion

University's Scholars' Programme

I believe that being a Class Champion is an excellent chance to help lower the financial bar, and make studying at the NUS Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health more accessible to many.

Mr Cheng Ling Jie ('21)

2021 Champion

Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health



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