Passion Beyond Profession

NUS takes pride in the generosity of its faculty and staff. As an NUS faculty and staff member, you are the University’s passionate advocate. You give your time and talent, and when you add philanthropy to your efforts, you express your belief in the University’s mission and future.

Make a personal gift to NUS through the Annual Giving programme as an affirmation of your commitment to our community. With your philanthropic support, NUS will be able to continue to offer rewarding opportunities to our students, attract talent to nurture them and deliver research outcomes with positive societal impact.

Why Your Gift Matters

Faculty and Staff Giving sends an important message to NUS alumni and partners. The community is made up of dedicated faculty and staff that not only devote their time to providing a positive learning environment on campus, but also give back as donors. Your authentic endorsement serves as a powerful motivator for alumni and partners to invest in NUS too.


My experience in NUS since my student years has shaped me into who I am today. Giving back to my alma mater is the most natural thing to do and I hope other alumni and staff will do the same.

Mr Tan Kian Woo ('88)

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Uplifting those in our community who need financial help is key to advancing the University into the digital future. After all, even the best technology is nothing without people. Congruent to this belief, NUS IT has also done our part through the inaugural 'Do your bIT for charITy' event, further strengthening our commitment to the NUS community.

Ms Tan Shui-Min ('91)

Chief Information Technology Officer

Making a gift is not only an act of gratitude, but also a heartfelt gesture to express my appreciation to an institution that has nurtured me in countless ways. Giving to students allows us to contribute beyond our work. Your gift, regardless of size, will play a part in reaching our collective goals. I hope you will join me in making a gift to NUS students to shape the future together!

Ms Michelle Kuek ('10)

Senior Manager, Agility Office

As an alumna and staff member of NUS, I want to contribute and support our students' education to create a brighter tomorrow. Join the giving community by taking a small step towards building a legacy that will leave a lasting impact for generations to come.

Ms Tan Kai-xin ('02)

Senior Manager, Faculty of Science


Give through Faculty & Staff Giving

You have the power to create transformational opportunities. Are you ready to change lives for the better?