Health and Wellness Guru Bryan Gan shared Qi Gong movements and other tips for wellness at an NUS Giving Experience Masterclass.


The NUS Giving Experience: Masterclass Series – Living a Life of Vitality takes on an engaging, interactive slant for wellness with Qi Gong, Acupressure Massage, Aromatherapy and Food Cures in the mix.

“If you want to learn Qi Gong, you can find a lot of videos online. But what I want you to learn today is how to be in the present and enjoy life.”

Health and Wellness Guru Mr Bryan Gan shared this fundamental principle of the Qi Gong practice during the NUS Giving Experience Masterclass, titled: “Living a Life of Vitality”.

Taking the stage, the well-respected Qi Gong Movement practitioner guided guests through various techniques from this ancient Chinese healing practice that combines controlled breathing, gentle movement and meditation to promote good health and well-being.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that energy in the body flows through 12 Meridians or sections – any blocked energy results in poor health. Thus, the Qi Gong practice promotes energy circulation through the body.

One common health issue that Qi Gong helps to alleviate is stress and anxiety. Using a blend of touch therapy and Shaolin as well as Meridian massage techniques, Mr Gan showed the guests how to calm both mind and body.



Guests are challenged to identify the ingredients in a herbal tea blend that promotes health.

In Mr Gan’s arsenal of natural remedies are also food cures. Through an interactive game, Mr Gan challenged each table of guests to name the potpourri of herbs he put together in a herbal tea bag. In the process, the guests learnt the uses and benefits of various Chinese herbs such as Licorice Root, Barley and more.

To add to this multi-sensory experience, Mr Gan, a certified aromatherapist, put together a blend of essential oils and treated the guests to a whiff of the mixture to calm their minds. The guests also enjoyed a cup of premium Oolong Tea to aid digestion after lunch.

Mr Gan also polled the guests on common health issues and received a resounding response: “lower back pain”. He then shared practical Acupressure Massages and exercises to alleviate the pain, such as hip flexor stretches and IT band (or iliotibial tract) massages.


Guest enjoying the immersive Tiger Claw exercise, which boosts energy in the body.

The session ended on a high note as the guests practised various blood-pumping Qi Gong movements, such as the Sinew Qi Gong movement and Tiger Claw exercise, accompanied by flute music, nature sounds and even a tiger’s roar!

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