Mr Hideki Ito

Electronics manufacturer Tokyo Electron started out with a handful of passionate employees in 1963. Though small in size, they were big in spirit. With an unwavering dedication to innovation, the team propelled the company to become an industry leader with over 15,000 staff, across 18 countries and regions.

As they look forward to the future, the tech firm is committed to nurturing tomorrow’s talents among today’s top students - the Tokyo Electron Singapore Bursary supports NUS students in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.

Mr Hideki Ito, President of Tokyo Electron Singapore, said: “Tokyo Electron believes that these students will be the future leaders in their fields. We strongly believe that this bursary fund will enable them to achieve their aspirations and realise their potential.”

Reflecting on his own college experience, Mr Ito understands how education can open doors of opportunities and fulfil dreams. Since young, he was intrigued by gadgets and technology. That led to him pursuing a major in electronics. With the skills and knowledge learnt, he joined Tokyo Electron, where he turned his lifelong passion into a career.

Mr Ito joined the global electronics and semiconductor company as a fresh graduate and rose through the ranks to head the Singapore operations. His career success stems from a personal belief — “talent may be finite, but effort must be infinite”.

Education shaped Mr Ito into who he is today and propelled him into a position where he could help others. By establishing the Bursary at NUS, Mr Ito hopes to nurture future leaders in Engineering and kickstart a virtuous cycle of giving.

“The positive experience that they have during their undergraduate days will enrich their lives and shape them into better people. One day, they will contribute back to society, and pay it forward,” Mr Ito concluded, sharing his hopes for the bursary recipients.