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We collected your Instagram questions and asked the Deputy Dean of Students, Associate Professor Ho Han Kiat to answer them.

From the hype and truth on NUS hall and residential life to simply "Why CCAs". Watch the AMA with HHK video to find out.

  1. Is it mandatory for me to participate in Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP)?

    While it is not mandatory to participate in e-FOP, you are strongly encouraged to attend to get to know your peers and seniors who can give insights and advice to student life and resources in NUS.

  2. What is the purpose of FOP?

    The purpose of Orientation is to welcome you to NUS and induct you through purposeful programmes and enjoyable activities into the intellectual culture, social environment and values of the NUS community to support and equip you for academic and personal success.

  3. When and where are the various FOPs held?

    FOPs are held from 1 June until Week 0 in early August. All activities will commence online. until further notice. See list of activities.

  4. Where do I register for the various FOPs?

    You can register via links at the respective websites or email the project directors. Their email addresses and sign-up links are in the Orientation Finder.

  5. I cannot attend the full duration of the FOP due to prior commitment. Can I still sign up for the FOP?

    Please check with the respective FOP organiser. But it's online, so all you need is a device!

  6. If I am in distress or harassment at any point of the FOP activity, who should I go to?

    You may approach either the Dean of Students, Office of Student Affairs, NUS Student Union (NUSSU), Camp Safety Officers or Staff Advisor. See contact list.

  1. Where can I find my NUSNET ID?

    You will be issued your Student ID, PIN, NUSNET ID and NUSNET Password Upon completing Registration Part 1.

  2. Why am I unable to log into the NUS System?

    Please note that access to NUS systems like LumiNUS and Module Registration (ModReg) will be activated one to two days after completion of Registration (Part One). Students are required to change their default NUSNET password via the NUS Password Portal before they can access any NUS online services such as NUS Email, NUS Education Records System and LumiNUS.

  3. Can I fly into Singapore during this COVID-19?

    In view of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) situation, all incoming students from Semester 1, AY2021/2022 are required to declare their travel plans in the Overseas Travel Declaration (OTD) Applicants System before they can proceed with Registration (Part One). Do note that the completion of OTD is mandatory for all incoming students.

    Entry Approval by Ministry of Education (MOE) In addition to obtaining the Student’s Pass or Student’s Pass In-principle Approval from the ICA, international students will also need to obtain approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE) before they commence their journey to Singapore. Each application will be assessed by MOE on a case-by-case basis, and approval is not guaranteed.

    For more information, refer to page 7 of the Registration Guide for Undergraduate Students.

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