Donars and Bursary Recipients



This bursary was made possible via Mr Fan Kow Hin, in memory of his father-in-law Mr Chee She Weng, who was principal of Hwa Keow Chinese Primary School (1953-1959). Mr Chee provided strong pastoral care whilst maintaining a strict persona. His well-balanced instruction is fondly remembered by his students and many continue to give tribute to him for their successes in later life. He had an open house policy when it came to his students, and many would come by his house to seek advice about anything or just to have tea. He was a teacher beyond his time believing not only in academic success but more importantly success in life, encouraging them to develop their interests and manage familial expectations. 

Through his father-in-law, Mr Fan’s wife saw how educators give their lives to the service of the next generation with little expectation of credit; instead living vicariously through the successes they envision for their students. With this award, Mr Fan hopes to contribute to his life work and commemorate a great educator and a devoted teacher by carrying on his strong sense of duty towards future generations.


  • AY2122: Regini Lee Jin Ni
  • AY2021: Koid Chia Sing


Mr Benjamin Chan Kwong Yee was a NUS Raffles Hall alumnus. He graduated as 1 of only 8 first class honours students across the whole of NUS. He graduated from the Faculty of Science, Chemistry. Mr Chan was also a Raffles Institution alumnus who topped his whole cohort while in RI for consecutive years and eventually obtained a PSC scholarship. As an alumnus of Raffles Hall, he lives by the qualities of the Tiger from the emblem which reflect the ideals of the Raffles Spirit; a beast of boldness, courage and strength. This gift to Raffles hall, is surely one of the best ways to help the recipients focus on developing their talent and fulfilling their potential. This bursary is made possible through the generosity of Mr Benjamin Chan’s elder brother, Mr Rix Chan.


  • AY2122: Choo Shin Hwei
  • AY2021: Dian Sofie Jasmi


This bursary was made possible by Mr Fan Kow Hin, in honour of his father Mr Fan Kam Choo.

Mr Fan senior worked in the shipping industry and spent many periods of time at sea, away from his family. He worked hard to support his family. Being a devoted father who believed in the potential of all his children, he provided them with good education and inculcated good values in them. Due to his upbringing by his father, Mr Fan Kow Hin believes in the potential of the younger generation and wishes to  dedicate this bursary in honour of his father.


  • AY2122: Siti Nur Diyana Bte Muhamed N

  • AY2021: Lim Kian Hui


This sub-named bursary is made possible by Ms Rebecca Ng who stayed at Raffles Hall from 1985 to 1988. She had many fond memories with amazing peers who stayed on with her through life; both socially and professionally. It was an incredible period of personal growth and development for her and she hopes this gift will similarly benefit the young people at Raffles Hall today in the same manner.

She hopes that the recipients of this bursary will appreciate and always remember Raffles Hall for shaping their identity in their journey of life.


  • AY2122: Ng Si Jie

  • AY2021: Nguyen Khanh Duy


Mr Lee graduated in 1974 in Mechanical Engineering. Coming from a humble back-ground, he received a Merit Scholarship from the State, without which, a University education would not have been possible.

To Mr Lee, when one is from a less privileged family background, the biggest lift in life is to receive a financial support at a time when he/she most needed it. Mr Lee wishes that his contribution can make a difference in the life of the recipient.


  • AY2122: Er Jia Ying

  • AY2021: Ng Si Jie


Dr Lee Soo Ann was Master of Raffles Hall from 1970 to 1973. Then, it was the first department which he headed in NUS. Raffles Hall holds dearly in his heart and this gift was an appreciation of his wonderful time as Hall Master.

As an educator, Dr Lee would like the recipients of this sub-named bursary to be independent thinkers and lovers of truth.


  • AY2122: Tai Kah Kiang
  • AY2021: Lim Xin Yun


This bursary is made possible through the generosity of those who have stayed in Raffles Hall in the 1960s and 1970s. When the call came to set up a bursary fund for the less privileged residents of the hall, these 29 alumni came together to setup this sub-named bursary. The donors of this sub named bursary were among the first batches of residents (pioneers) in the hall. The spirit of Raffles Hall embodies excellence and unity which carries on till today and it is the hope of the donors that the recipient(s) of this bursary epitomizes them.


  • AY2122: Tan Jun He

  • AY2021: Lew Hui Ying


The late Madam Poh Mui Leng was born and raised in Singapore. She studied from 1970 to 1973 at the University of Singapore in the Accountancy Department where she met Mr Kwan Kai Cheong, a Hongkonger who studied in the same Department and a Raffles Hall resident at the time. After marrying in 1974, she followed her husband to Hong Kong in 1975. After working for 4 years, she stopped work to give her family the fullest of care and attention. Madam  Poh  Mui  Leng  passed  away  in 2008  and  was  survived  by  her  husband  and three  sons, Alex,  Philip  and  Patrick. She is fondly remembered as the most loyal and   loving wife and most caring and loving mother.

She displayed the wisdom of an  independent  woman  who  placed  the  highest  level of  importance on  her  family rather than her own career. Her family is her career!

This bursary is made possible through the generosity of Mr Kwan Kai Cheong, husband of the late Madam Poh Mui Leng. 


  • AY2122: Lim Yuan Bing
  • AY2021: Jennifer 


The late Madam Sarasvathy Kanagasabai was born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Having lost her parents at a fairly young age, she was raised by her relatives in pre-war Malaya.

Education and career opportunities were limited for women of her generation.

Nonetheless, she firmly believed in opportunities for education for all, regardless of race, gender or station in life. She valued hard work, enterprise, adventure, risk-taking, duty and integrity, qualities which she sought to inculcate in all her seven children.    

This bursary is a small tribute to those qualities that she   espoused and embodied, and to her free spirit, her sense of humour, and, above all, to the memory of a beloved mother.  This bursary is made possible through the generosity of Mr Mohanadass Kanagasabai, son of the late Madam Sarasvathy Kanagasabai.


  • AY2122: Teu Wei Jun Marcus
  • AY2021: Sim Wei Jun Aaron


This bursary is made possible through the generosity of past and present members of the Senior Common Room Committee of Raffles Hall.          

The Senior  Common  Room  Committee  (SCRC)  comprises  academic  or executive and professorial staff who  reside  together  with  Rafflesians. The committee is made up of resident fellows (RFs) from each of the five blocks in Raffles and led by the Master of the Hall.


  • AY2122: Sin Qi Zheng

  • AY2021: Tan Qi Sheng, Keith 


This bursary is made possible through the generosity of those who stayed in Raffles Hall in the 1980s. When the call came to set up a bursary fund for the less privileged residents of the hall, these 32 alumni of the 1980s came together to set up this sub-named bursary. The donors of this bursary hope that the recipient(s) will continue to the traditions of the hall and be champions for the Raffles Hall spirit.


  • AY2122: Ang Zhi Jun & Sim Wei Jun Aaron
  • AY2021: Tai Kah Kiang & Pae Marcuz


This bursary is made possible through the generosity of those who have known and interacted with Mr Steven Tan in Raffles Hall.   This bursary is in recognition of Raffles Hall’s first hall manager, Mr Steven Tan. Mr Tan served the hall from its commissioning in 1958 at Nassim Road and when it moved  to  its  present  Kent  Ridge  location  in  1983. He continued serving until his retirement in 2000. His warmth, patience, resourcefulness and hospitality is appreciated and remembered by all who lived in the hall.


  • AY2122: Kelly Tan Yu Tong

  • AY2021: Su Yee Shien


The donor, Mr Simon Heng Een Tsai is the Chairman and Founder of Kensteel Group of Companies. He started Kensteel industries Pte Ltd. to manufacture and provide cable trays and ladders for the Petrolchemical, Global Marine and Offshore industries.

Mr Tsai’s wish is to help those students who are intelligent and self-motivated, but need support in terms of their financial needs. Fulfilling their financial needs allows them to focus on excelling in their studies, and be one step closer to achieving their individual aspirations.


  • AY2122: Chong Chuan Yi
  • AY2021: Siti Nur Diyana Bte Muhamed N